Ain't I a Woman

Ain't I a Woman
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My Black is Beautiful Challenge #1

I have been lurking...well actually cyber stalking this challenge at the SOC .ning site (LOL).  Finally, I decided to officially join the challenge, but I am going to work at my own pace and do the pages just because.  No pressure about deadlines.  No feeling like a failure when I miss them.  There was homework over the holiday to get the participants ready.  We had to select an album and take photos of specific things(there was a list).  Every two weeks the facilitator will issue another challenge.  At the end of the year I will have an album all about me, celebrating "My black is beautiful..."

As I continue to work on purging the "I do not need another thing on my plate" syndrome; I begin to just chillax, prioritize and enjoy celebrating me. (Thanks Tory)  From the time we are old enough to talk we are told to esteem others higher than ourselves, that focus on self is prideful, that it is honorable to pour into others...this is all true-straight biblical principles, but we are often not taught to create a balance.  Even at this age I am still striving to achieve balance on the tight rope.  What I do know, is that you can not keep pouring from an empty cup, you must take time to refill, replenish, and renew.  There needs to be something in the cup in order to pour it out.  Now if I can only put consistent actions with this knowledge.

Enough about is the lo I created naming my skin color.


the journaling says:
honey coated chocolate, daughter of the dust, kissed by the sun, dark brown sugar...

My skin is midnight black, my spirit is bright.
My skin shines like a star in the night.

Too bad not everyone can see,
That dark skin is oh so lovely.

But, I know that it is a gift to have dark skin.
It was never a curse; that is a myth among men.

That is why I give praise to God for this skin of mine.
For He knew and loved me before the start of time.

I am blessed with the package I am in.
My beautiful, beautiful dark skin.
Tina Riley © 2012
k&k stamps (live, love, life)
core d' nations paper
star chipboard frame
chipboard letters
glitter alphas
image from greeting card

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