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Ain't I a Woman
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Round Two...Pass-it-on Party.

So, the next day I hosted a gift giving pass-it-on party for the kids ages 9-12.  There was space for 8, but 4 didn't RSVP on time, 1 RSVP'd but didn't show and one was extremely late.  It is always my desire to have a full house and I had crafted monogrammed goodie bags for all the participants, but alas I had to stick to the simple guidelines I had set.  I still had the party with only 4 kids.  My Goddaughter also volunteered to be an assistant.  (Yeah right, she wanted to make the gift too lol)  We made gooey lemon butter cakes and the gift boxes to contain them. 



The Snickerdoodles from the day
 before cookies in a jar craft

Lemon Gooey
Butter Cake

These kids did a great job!  And they were old enough to clean up their mess Whooo Hoooo!  When is the next school break...I need time to recuperate (lol).

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.

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  1. LOL...The recuperation part I understand! Those cakes look so yummy, and the boxes are beautiful! Again, you're fabulous! :o)


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