Ain't I a Woman

Ain't I a Woman
Pearl of Great Price


Celebration finally realized

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba !!!!! I saw the Lion King on stage this weekend. I cried during the opening scene. What wonderful art!

Once upon a time, a long time brother purchased tickets for him and I to see the Lion King on Broadway. It was to be a celebration for my 30th birthday--I told you it was a long time ago-lol. As my excitement grew, I thought "What a perfect gift idea for a drama queen." You agree--right? Well, the travel company that was hosting the bus trip to New York, filed for bankruptcy right before the show date. My brother never got his money back, we never saw the show, and the case is still in litigation. My dreams of seeing the Lion King were crushed. One day I mentioned to my friend, "I would love to see the Lion King, I heard it was coming to Philadelphia" Fast forward to modern day...that same friend was celebrating her granddaughter's birthday and got us all tickets to the Lion King. I think I was smiling more than the children in the audience.

Rafikki (the monkey) opened the show with the African chant...Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba! The whole theater shook and my bones trembled at the sound of the magestic voice enveloping the onlookers. I have been singing the chant and the 'Circle of Life' ever since Sunday. If I could, I would be on tour with the company right now...carrying a prop, sewing a costume, running some lights, being a tree in the background... something... anything...just to be connected to such wonderful art!!!!! I am so grateful to God for allowing me to have such an awesome experience. My spirit is full and my creativity has been sparked. I think I just may live happier ever after.


Mission Possible!

One of my 'Scrapping Sistahs' facilitates a group of blog owners. She noticed the lack of updates, so she issued a blog challenge: "Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is to update your blog with 10 Fun Facts About YOU!!!"

1. Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water...(Simon and Garfunkel) I am so thankful that the LORD carries me through life! I love the LORD.

2. It's fun to be at the YMCA... (Village People)
I go to the Y 5 times a week. I love water yoga, it helps me to manage chronic pain.

3. I'll Always Love My Mama...(Intruders) She truly is my favorite girl. I am so glad that she nurtured my creativity.

4. A Spoonful of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down...(Mary Poppins) I try to tell the truth all wrapped up in love.

5. Let's Just Kiss and Say Goodbye (Manhattans) When necessary, I clean out my friendship closet, because not everyone was meant to be in your life forever.

6. Oh Miss Celie, I feels Like Singing!...(Shug, Color Purple) I frequently blurt out lines from plays, movies, commercials and books. I am a DRAMA QUEEN-I view it, I perform it, I teach it, I write it, I love it!

7. See that girl, watch that scene, diggin' the dancing queen...(ABBA) In my heart, I am a dancer; but I can only get on point in the swimming pool. In the pool-I AM a ballerina!

8. Let It Be...(Beatles) I am learning how to rub my ears, exhale, and let things go.

9. Waiting On The World To Change...(John Mayer) I am a warrior for social justice or in simpler terms a community organizer.

10. I Need Thee, Oh, I Need; Every Hour I Need Thee! O Bless Me Now, MY Savior, I Come to Thee! (Annie Hawks) I sing this hymn every morning. It helps me push through pain and get out of bed.

Bonus fact: When I hear music it makes me dance!(Debbie Deb)

Nothing like a loving kick in the pants...thanks for the challenge sisterfriend.


I was wondering...

I have never been accused of being a talker. There is no need for folks to tell me because I know that I am. So, I was wondering...why I am not talking/writing...hmmmmmmm? My new friend, Nancy, said not to worry...just go with the flow. I am trying to heed her great advice and not sweat my sporadic posts.

Well, I went to the Stamp art Tour in PA. I traveled with my gal pals Diane and Melissa. It was a girls my eating plan was out the door. I managed to choose kinda wisely at the dessert buffet. BTW...does green icing or mint leaves count as veggies? I had a wonderful time and I met some cool ladies. The projects and the event were wonderfully organized. I didn't win any prizes, but I had fun. Here is a card that I made.
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