Ain't I a Woman

Ain't I a Woman
Pearl of Great Price


File Folder Mini

My online scrap buddy Jean (the Musical Scrapper) made this mini at a recent retreat.  I didn't get to go on the retreat, but she did a video on her USTREAM show.  A letter size file folder was used for this project.  This was fun.  Thanks Jean!

In the tutorial Jean puts a gusset on the flap so that it closes smoothly.

I added a gusset to the sides and bottom of this packet so it would hold more stuff.  This is the ideal size for 4 x 6 photos.

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Graduation Hat Card

Here is a card I made for my God daughter's graduation.

 The tassel on the card is mad from embroidery floss

 Lifting the graduation cap reveals a gift card.  Sentiment: it's your day-ENJOY

Word Art Wednesday challenge #81
Sistah Brotha Blogger challenge #22


My Black is Beautiful Challenge # 6

This was a challenge that I started last year.  It seem that I am always making scrapbooks for others.  The goal was to use the prompts to complete a album about me.  No promises, but here is my attempt to get back to finishing this project.  The prompt was "My Feet"

I have been not feeling so great, but wanted to craft.  So, I spritzed a background on card stock and got in bed.  I doodled.  This was inspired by a digital lo I saw in the gallery.  "The sentiment: My black is having my toes painted. I (heart) my...SWEET FEET"

Sorry for the blurry pictures lately, my camera must be dying.

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Ribbon storage

I find myself on a perpetual quest to find the best ribbon storage.  Currently, I have ribbon stored in 3 different ways and I also just have a basket on the floor of scrap pieces.  I got some ribbon in a RAK and didn't figure out where to put I just hung it over the door.  Recently I wrapped the ribbon around old nail files. I do not recall where I saw this idea...perhaps Pinterest.

Perhaps I will decorate the container.  Originally it was purchased to hold dog treats.  My craft mojo is lost so we'll see if good intentions get accomplished.

Scraps of Color Sistah Brotha Blogger Challenge #19

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Happy Mother's Day

I went to church services all day so I would not be alone-and of course to worship God, but driving home I had to face it...I feel like a motherless child.  I miss my mom always...but ESPECIALLY this time of year.  She would say "..this too shall pass..."  For now I have a heavy heart and my soul is full of tears.  Mom and I will see Jesus together one day. Hallelujah!!!  I will take courage and know that the storm is passing over.

Mom being the funny lady that she was and posing for the camera.

Mom in her classroom.

Happy Mother's Day to all!
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These spikey things (yes that is a technical term -lol) were placed in plants that were center pieces at a recent housing event.  This is a cricut cut from the Art Philosophy Cartridge.

Sentiment: " PLEASE Adopt ME..."  Folks were invited to adopt a plant for $5.00.  This was a really successful fund raiser.

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Old Habits

I have done several blog posts about doing more cleaning and organizing than creating.  Recently, I was given an assignment to just make something even though my space was not pristine.  Due to increased physical pain and lack of holding classes in my studio one of the tables had become a catch all for items that need to be put away.

Here is the card I made in the midst of this mess.  It took me about two weeks to complete. (see the mess?)
I did not feel good making this card, I wanted to clean first.  I just kept walking away to do other things.  However, I do believe that cleaning first blocks my creativity and drains my energy.

Here is my actual work table.  I am making 3 mini albums.  It felt good working on these.  I actually worked longer before walking away to do something else.

I seem to thrive in organized spaces better.  Although most times the creative process cannot wait until the organization is done.  I will journey on to find balance, but for now I have decided to stop fighting the part of me that needs to be somewhat organized.  Oh yeah...that table is clean now waiting to become messy again (lol)

I think the butterfly card is less than cute, but I will be entering it in the Scraps of Color Sistah Brotha Blogger Challenge #14 And the mini albums in Challenge #20
Entered in the Word Art Wednesday Challenge #79

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