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Cute Kids Crafts

Since children are always at my home and since I believe in keeping them busy; I started Cute Kids Crafts under the umbrella of TINA'S TREASURE TRUNK© Now the children that I teach and mentor have a division dedicated especially for the masterpieces that they create. They have created all kinds of items from jewelry to paper crafts to doll clothes. Some of the kids have sold their creations at bazzars or yard sales. Mostly they make gifts or things for themselves.

Recently, I was in a card swap and Naudja from Scraps of Color (SOC) sent me a thank you note card. The card was on my dining room table when visiting children saw it and asked if they could make one like it. You want to scraplift? But you all are only seven, eight and nine. Start 'em early, I guess lol. I was catching a cold and really tired, but never too out of it to CRAFT! So after they did a little pleading , I said sure, and gave them cardstock, scrap paper, tools and supplies. They practiced measuring and cutting. They used a rotary cutter, score board, bone folder, texture tool and a few other tools. They used chalk ink to distress/ink the edges of the white cardstock. They even got to test out their stamping skills. The children made 20 of these little thank you note cards and they were used in another swap that I was doing. Is that child labor?

Unfortunately, the inspiration piece mysteriously got misplaced, so sorry there is no picture. A big thank you to Naudja for inspiring the children!

I hope you check back, I am hosting a writing "Pass-it-on" party over the Christmas break.


It ain't easy being green...

Remember that song? I am just waiting to see the Kermitt the Frog song and character being used for recycling advertisments. It is probably already being used somewhere.

My friend and fellow social justice advocate wastes nothing. She reuses everything! I always thought that I was not wasteful and very frugal, but when I started working with her I discovered that I could do way more. Recently, she had a birthday and I decided to give her items from the health food store in our town. What better way to package them than with recycled products. This was a fun gift to make and she really appreciated the idea.

Materials: bubble wrap gift bag, muslin ribbon-glimmer misted and streaked with stencil paint, "everyday is earthday" iron on patch used for the tag.


I don't remember being bored as a child...

Nowadays children always say that they are bored. I do not recall ever being bored growing up. O.k. so maybe boredom is a possibility, but there is ALWAYS something to do. Sometimes kids just need a little guidance. For goodness sake...they do not come out the womb knowing what they like. Older people have to expose them to various things. Long gone are the days when every school had classes for art, sewing, mechanical drawing, woodworking, metal shop and home economics.

I believe all of us have a responsibility to 'pass on' what we know to others. One way I do this is by hosting gatherings or 'Pass it on' parties where attendees can have fun learning a skill like cooking, acting, sewing, crafting or writing while building communication skills, creativity, collaboration ability, and confidence.

This was not a scheduled gathering. When these three girls insisted that they had nothing to do, I found myself hosting an impromptu drama party. They were urged to use their imaginations...and boy did they! They wrote an original skit, and used props and costumes (I keep baskets of found items and old clothes on hand). They performed beautifully and had hours of fun. Then we made and ate a delicious dinner-does that count as a cooking 'pass it on' party? lol


Secret Surprise Giveaway!

Congratulations to Danah, the 20th follower of Joy in the Journey! Danah, you are the winner of the secret suprise giveaway. Your DCWV paper pack is on the way.
You might be saying "But there was no post announcing blog candy." That is EXAXTLY right!!! Don't you just love surprises? The next giveaway may be when there are 50 followers or maybe it will be when there are 100 followers. You never know, so be sure to follow me here. The next winner will be selected randomly.

Black Friday is upon us, and I am sure there are some great blog candy goodies to be found.

Don't miss this...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Here's a little something for you!

Get your FREE subscription to Scraps of Color Scrapbook Magazine today! All you need to do is visit their site at and sign up! That's it, no strings attached! They have a SUPER Creative Team ready to thrill and delight you throughout 2011! First, issue arrives February 2011!

How cool is that! I'm already signed up!

Stay tuned for their page call announcement and a wonderful December filled with ideas and inspiration by the fabulous SOC Girls and a super BIG BLOG GIVEAWAY! Don't miss a minute of the scrappy inspiration!


It is good to have support

Three years ago I was sort of afraid to move from the northern part of my state to the southern part. I had become used to my circle of friends. When I got real sick the nurses ministry at my church stepped right in to help me. Still, I knew that God had ordained for me to move.
I love my house, but I feel so isolated in this area. I recently learned that it is not simply my location, but also my stage in life. See, I am single with no children while most of my friends have children and are married. Coupled with that truth, I discovered that I do not always ask for help.
However, two things happened to me recently that helped me to grow out of this " I can do it by myself" box. I was caregiver to a 4 month old baby for a week and yesterday I had a back procdure done. While I didn't plan any appointments during my week of babysitting, it was still more than a notion to care for a young child. With my physical disability, I really needed help. With the back procedure, I have been a bit wobbly and almost fell a few times. It was great to have help with daily living activities and to not be by myself all day. I am so touched that a few folks have called to check on me, picked up perscriptions, heated up meals etc.

I really like giving to others, so who am I to think that others would not want to and enjoy pouring into me. I thank God for growth. In these two instances, I asked for assistance. Some folks came through; while others said they would, but did not. Normally, I would take the attitude "see when you ask for help you do not get it". This time I did not let that deter me-I reached out anyway. Although, I still refused offers to put away dishes and do laundy, I did accept help. I figured that I could take baby steps before I put away my wonder woman cape. lol Every process takes time huh?


Save the scrapping for last...

I am truly a work in progress. So, I ditched all of my grown-up responsibilities and decided to play in the craft room. No dishes, laundry, errands, phone calls etc. It was still the end of the day by the time I made it to the craft room, but I was determined to make it-and continue on my journey to combat the notion that 'scrapping/creating has to come last'; after all the other 'have to do' work is done. It is hard to reprogram years of stinking thinking.
This was actually a Tim Holtz challenge on the Scraps of Color .ning network. I made a tag with perfect pearl mist. I sanded and used distress ink on the grungeboard key. Then I added the word 'life' pin. The "Love is the Key" tag didn't bring me joy and since there are no mistakes in scrapbooking, I cut the tag up and made confetti. I had made this all black watercolor background the other day to use for another project. Instead I used it to create this simple mixed media piece. Viola! Now, tomorrow I will have to do all those things which I have neglected today...old habits are hard to break.


Carpe Diem!

For two days now I have spent the day buried in my office with my face in my computer. How in the world did that happen? I woke up this morning with great plans. O.k. so yesterday, I did manage to wash my hair and do a teeny little bit of housework. And, oh yeah...I fixed my leaky toilet, but for the most part that is all I accomplished outside of my office. So today was supposed to be different. I was going to get so much done today. Ahhhh, one can always dream. It is afternoon already and where am I? Still in my office. While I am thankful for this space and that I get to work from home...this room is starting to feel like a dungeon. So I am busting out of here and going to play in my craftroom. Just like when we vacation or travel, I am putting 9-5, pencil pushing type work on the shelf and going to create. I am trying to rediscover the happy and relaxed person that crafted this z fold, envelope, mini travel album. Whatever you do today remember to feed your spirit by doing what you love. Sieze the day: Carpe diem!


Master of many...

All my life, I heard that if you do many different things then you cannot possibly do any one thing well. I believed this sentiment at one time. I learned to focus on one thing at a time. When it was time to move my business from teaching only things related to drama (voice, movement, costume design, storytelling etc.) to teaching several different creative subjects (cooking, sewing, writing, scrapbooking, jewelry making etc.); I was filled with much doubt. I had the phrase "jack of all trades, master of none" playing in my head. The saying became a part of my inner critic. I was extreme and mostly only did one thing at a time. There was no balance and very little confidence that I could be successful at several things. I was led to the passage of scripture in Exodus 35:30-35 and boy did reading that correct my stinking thinking.

Now, I had read this passage many times before, you know, when we do our 'read the bible in a year' assignments. However, this time the LORD had something else in store for me. As I worked through the book entitled 'The Creative Call" by Janice Elsheimer; I completed an exercise that propmted me to ponder on the fact that the early artists in the bible were specifically called by name.

God says: "All who are skilled among you are to come and make everything the LORD has commanded." Exodus 35:10 I wonder...does God think that I am skilled? Later in Exodus 35:30-31 Moses says: "...the LORD has called by name Bezaleel...and hath filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship." You mean not only did God call Bezaleel by name, but he was also given the skill to do many different crafts. He was skilled enough to be entrusted to work on the storage place for the Word of God, the Ten Commandments. WOW! And futhermore Bezaleel taught what he knew to others. Ahhh haaa moment! I am a teacher. It brings me joy to 'pass on' to others what I know.

OK...redeem the time LORD, since I now believe that it is ok to do more than one thing at a time. Sure, be focused on the task in front of you, but do not be limited. That false teaching has kept many of us immobile and afraid to step out on faith. It has stolen our confidence and dreams. Whenever I need to trust God and move into unfamiliar territority, I try to remember: God gave me gifts, He has called me by name to use those gifts to bring Him glory. God has entrusted me to be the master of many trades. My heavenly father is and always will be the Master of all trades. He is truly Adonai-LORD and master!


Scripture challenge 2010: Word #5 FOLLOW

Where He leads me I will follow...
LORD, help me to be an obedient disciple, and to go where I may not want to go. Teach me to fish for souls. I am going to need some flashing signs along the journey to ensure that I do not stray from the path and that I get the job done right. I heard you loud and clear when you said "...Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19 Your will be done-AMEN

Scripture Challenge 2010: Word #4 HOME

"When I think of home I think of a place where there is love overflowing..." Therefore, I try to make my earthly home a place of love, refuge and peace.
"Only God can make a house a home, so heaven help the home..." I thank you LORD for giving me shelter, I thank you LORD for your presence in this house.
"I'm building me a home, cause the souls gotta have somewhere to stay..." I may live in a stick built house, but I am working for my home on high.
In the stillness I know that the Father's near and He will give me just what I need that is why I feel like I have a "Home, home, home on that rock; and I'm never gonna leave it..." "This world is not my home, I'm just a stranger passing through..." God gurantees me eternity in His house where there are many mansions. In the meantime, I will continuously work to help others have safe, descent and affordable homes, but more importantly I will tell all about how to secure a home in heaven. Thank you Jesus for assuring us when you said "In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you." John 14:2


Celebration finally realized

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba !!!!! I saw the Lion King on stage this weekend. I cried during the opening scene. What wonderful art!

Once upon a time, a long time brother purchased tickets for him and I to see the Lion King on Broadway. It was to be a celebration for my 30th birthday--I told you it was a long time ago-lol. As my excitement grew, I thought "What a perfect gift idea for a drama queen." You agree--right? Well, the travel company that was hosting the bus trip to New York, filed for bankruptcy right before the show date. My brother never got his money back, we never saw the show, and the case is still in litigation. My dreams of seeing the Lion King were crushed. One day I mentioned to my friend, "I would love to see the Lion King, I heard it was coming to Philadelphia" Fast forward to modern day...that same friend was celebrating her granddaughter's birthday and got us all tickets to the Lion King. I think I was smiling more than the children in the audience.

Rafikki (the monkey) opened the show with the African chant...Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba! The whole theater shook and my bones trembled at the sound of the magestic voice enveloping the onlookers. I have been singing the chant and the 'Circle of Life' ever since Sunday. If I could, I would be on tour with the company right now...carrying a prop, sewing a costume, running some lights, being a tree in the background... something... anything...just to be connected to such wonderful art!!!!! I am so grateful to God for allowing me to have such an awesome experience. My spirit is full and my creativity has been sparked. I think I just may live happier ever after.


Mission Possible!

One of my 'Scrapping Sistahs' facilitates a group of blog owners. She noticed the lack of updates, so she issued a blog challenge: "Your challenge this week, should you choose to accept it, is to update your blog with 10 Fun Facts About YOU!!!"

1. Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water...(Simon and Garfunkel) I am so thankful that the LORD carries me through life! I love the LORD.

2. It's fun to be at the YMCA... (Village People)
I go to the Y 5 times a week. I love water yoga, it helps me to manage chronic pain.

3. I'll Always Love My Mama...(Intruders) She truly is my favorite girl. I am so glad that she nurtured my creativity.

4. A Spoonful of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down...(Mary Poppins) I try to tell the truth all wrapped up in love.

5. Let's Just Kiss and Say Goodbye (Manhattans) When necessary, I clean out my friendship closet, because not everyone was meant to be in your life forever.

6. Oh Miss Celie, I feels Like Singing!...(Shug, Color Purple) I frequently blurt out lines from plays, movies, commercials and books. I am a DRAMA QUEEN-I view it, I perform it, I teach it, I write it, I love it!

7. See that girl, watch that scene, diggin' the dancing queen...(ABBA) In my heart, I am a dancer; but I can only get on point in the swimming pool. In the pool-I AM a ballerina!

8. Let It Be...(Beatles) I am learning how to rub my ears, exhale, and let things go.

9. Waiting On The World To Change...(John Mayer) I am a warrior for social justice or in simpler terms a community organizer.

10. I Need Thee, Oh, I Need; Every Hour I Need Thee! O Bless Me Now, MY Savior, I Come to Thee! (Annie Hawks) I sing this hymn every morning. It helps me push through pain and get out of bed.

Bonus fact: When I hear music it makes me dance!(Debbie Deb)

Nothing like a loving kick in the pants...thanks for the challenge sisterfriend.


I was wondering...

I have never been accused of being a talker. There is no need for folks to tell me because I know that I am. So, I was wondering...why I am not talking/writing...hmmmmmmm? My new friend, Nancy, said not to worry...just go with the flow. I am trying to heed her great advice and not sweat my sporadic posts.

Well, I went to the Stamp art Tour in PA. I traveled with my gal pals Diane and Melissa. It was a girls my eating plan was out the door. I managed to choose kinda wisely at the dessert buffet. BTW...does green icing or mint leaves count as veggies? I had a wonderful time and I met some cool ladies. The projects and the event were wonderfully organized. I didn't win any prizes, but I had fun. Here is a card that I made.


Baby Gift Baskets

Hello blogger friends. I was invited to a baby shower recently. So, I finally tried my hand at making a diaper cake. Boy was it fun! I am already gathering items to make more. I now see why other crafters sell diaper cakes for such a large sum. The cost of the baby items can add up really fast. But the look on the face of the gift recipient was priceless. I just love giving gifts!

The teacher in me came to the surface as I created a 'Basket 'o' Books' for a baby shower gift. I wanted the little tyke to be well read. Plus, I wanted the first time parents to know what it will sound like to constantly hear "read it again!" I had a great time making and giving these gifts. The baby shower hostess was making a scrapbook for the baby. So, with primitive tools in hand, I even got to make a scrapbook page at the baby shower. Ok, alright already, I made TWO pages. Ok...and I also asked to have some embellishments to make a page at home. Confession is good for the soul.


Scripture Challenge 2010: Word # 3 Abide

Boy this word was difficult to scrap. So many scriptures came to mind. Many more resulted from the study. I thought of using eagles, doves, houses, crosses, hearts...and a whole bunch more things. In the end, I decided to keep it simple. The flower on this page is the sun in this scene. Sure, hard times come, but with the Savior, even storms are sprinkled with sunshine. Dear LORD, teach me to consistently abide in you. Help me keep your commandments that I may abide in your love. May your word abide in me. And overflow into my life guiding every decision that I make. Thank you for allowing me to dwell in that secret place. May I forever abide under your mighty shadow. Protect me from the treacherous storm that beats against your wings. I want to feel your wings around me. Thank you for being a faithful covering. You and you alone hold the power to protect me therefore, I declare that "I will abide in thy tabernacle for ever: I will trust in the cover of thy wings. Selah." Psalm 61:4. Amen.

Scripture Challenge 2010: Word # 2 Temptation

Thank you Patter for this word! I want to be like Forest Gump and say "...that's all I have to say about that." However, sharing is good. It allows me to relive God's blessing, and perhaps it will encourage someone else. I could talk about many different temptations, but there was one in particular that I was facing at the time of the challenge. As a single, Christian, woman trying to live holy, this word came at a perfect time for me. I desire to be married and in dating I am often being pressured to engage in pre-marital sex. We all get bombarded with sentiments like 'you deserve it', 'do whatever makes you feel good', 'God wants you to be happy'. Meditating on the word temptation led me to a lot of scriptures. I received just the strength I needed to gird up my loins...pun intended. Also, the LORD used my girl friend to remind me that God calls Christians to be holy while the world suggests that we be happy. Well, happiness is based on happenings. We all fall down sometimes and strive for happiness instead of holiness. Seeking holiness brings a constant kind of happiness that we call JOY. Thank God for the signs He strategically places along the path to help us go in the right direction. Even when we do not follow the signs God forgives us, teaches us how to forgive ourselves, and then HE leads us back to the path. Therefore, we can still have joy!

By the way, the same aforementioned girlfriend also gave me the black and white background used on this page. She was trying to achieve something on a scrapbook page and it didn't come out right, so she gave the page to me. Well, since there are no mistakes in scrapping, I put the page in my scrap box. I decided to do this mini album using all scraps. So, here we are several years later and I finally cut it down and used the page. Now whenever I look at that page I will be reminded of her sweet spirit, her choice to endure her current hardship, and the awesome advice she gave. I am glad that the page survived all the purges of the scrap box.


Scripture Challenge 2: Cover page

Patter Cross posted this challenge on her Triple the Scraps blog. This is my first challenge and I am so grateful to be participating. What a wonderful way to be encouraged and study the bible while scrapping. In my life I have learned that a passage of scripture is like a healing ointment, it will soothe your aches and pains and even mend what ails you. 'It's all good when it's all God.' That is why I used II Timothy 3:16a to represent the 26 pages of this mini album. All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works. II Timothy 3:16-17 KJV

Please be patient with me...

I figured I'd better start a blog before my gal pals threatened to stop accepting my really long e-mails. I guess I enjoy talking and writing. The only obstacle is that I am so technology challenged. So be prepared to see some cut off, fuzzy or upside down photos. I am new to blogging, but I am excited about what I will learn and who I will meet.

I decided to start by sharing the pages in my 6x6 mini album. These pages are a part of a Scripture Challenge. I noticed from reading other blogs that folks usually list what products, quantity, measurements etc. that were used to create the crafts they display. I have not done that so far. Actually, I never really thought to do that. As I create; I may be inspired by something that I see, but if I want to make it I usually put my own spin on it. I hardly ever make recipes or anything, for that matter, according to directions. I like to wing it except for baking measurement of course. Perhaps I am a rebel. I am going to think that God gave me an additional teaspoon of creativity...yeah that sounds good. That's my story and I am sticking with that. At any rate, I will try in the future to post products, measurements etc.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my journey.

Scripture Challenge 2010: Word # 1 HOPE

Just like the song lyrics, my hope is truly built on Jesus blood and righteousness. Some Christians are not comfortable using the word hope because they are so afraid that people will take it to mean what the world has defined. Society's use of the word hope seems to be based on not knowing. However, with God, we know His character. More than a simple wish there is some assurance behind the Christian kind of hope. Together faith and hope gives us the assurance that God will give us just what we need. God is sovereign! Hebrews 11:1 says: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. To me that means that I own the deed to God's promises. God will always supply results according to his character. I choose to have Godly hope, for what is seemingly impossible for the world is possible with God. I expect the impossible! For me, the impossible IS my reality.
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