Ain't I a Woman

Ain't I a Woman
Pearl of Great Price


First Haircut

Dugan after the big chop

Dugan before the big chop

I felt like the lady on the Zyrtec commercial when she talked about being allergic to her dog Rufus (lol).  I was hoping having Dugan groomed would help with my allergies-and it did.  He seems a lot more comfortable too.  It has been very hot here.


I thought this was funny to catch Dugan with his eyes closed. 

He even walks differently after his haircut.  He is more playful and bouncy.  I think he is happy.

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Blog comments...

I was wondering does the word verification on the comment section really cut down on spam comments?  I changed that setting in an attempt to make it easier for folks to leave comments.  So far no spam. Perhaps it's just me, but whenever I attempt to leave a comment on some blogs I have to go through the word verification process 3 times.  Silly me, I thought this was normal.  No wonder I built up a distaste for leaving comments-duh.  Now that I know that it should only take one try, I have been trying to figure out why I have been having so much difficulty.  Disclaimer:  I do not leave many comments anyway.  Yes, I am guilty of being a book marker, lurker, looker, secret service blogerita (LOL)  However, today...during this long weekend...I finally sat down to go through all the blogs I am following.  This time I purposed to leave comments and not just be a lurker (lol)  Well wouldn't you know it...I tried on 4 different blogs to leave comments, but I could not.  I am guessing there is a glitch with blogger.  So, uhhh...what to do?

Katie: I see no more tears on that art journal page.  Great work!  I missed the show last night, but cute piggy.

Nancy: Very creative to use hot air balloons for parachutes.  Clever!  Jumping out of planes is truly an adventure. (lol) How wonderful for you to see your girls living life!

Karen:  Lovely cards. It is easy to hoard our work, but that is great advice to give it all away!

Angela:  Loving the book of me challenge.  The teacups were awesome and so was the doily.

Ladies, I enjoyed your posts over the last couple of days.  For now I guess I will keep moving forward and looking, perhaps when I make time to leave comments in the future blogger will be functioning properly.   Sorry ladies...ArteDar/'re next on the list so here I come.


Flowers, flowers, flowers and more flowers

Fabric flowers.  I made some for a flower swap.  I used the remnant fabric to make these.  The center is just a small elastic wrapped around a brad.  The original called for 5 x 5 square of fabric folded three times into a triangle.  Cut out a flower shape (free hand) and a 18 mm brad.  I made these with 2", 3" and 4" pieces of fabric and smaller brads.

These are just paper flowers.  The stems are made with glitter paper.  I originally planned to put a tiny photo in the center; for a 6 x 6 page swap.  Hmmmmmm...what now? 

These are just lace flowers. I am still looking for the ideal center. They look sort of vintage. Stuff in my stash just didn't work.

Hey! how did this picture get in here?
I dunno, but he sure is cute.  That is our story and we are sticking with it!
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Eyeglass lens art

Here is a broach made with vintage paper.  I used vintage wrapping paper, an eye glass lens (from the dollar store), glossy accents and a bar pin back.  This was a simple, but fun project.  This is a great way to recycle old glasses that cannot be donated to the local Lyons club.  I have heard that some types of glasses (prescription and thickness) are not usable. This was my first time trying this craft.  I am thinking I could add  bling, fancy trim, a feather on the back.  One could get real creative with this easy project.

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I did it!

I finally have a new man in my life...his name is Dugan.  He worships the ground I walk on and follows me everywhere.  He is a three year old shih-poo.  I toiled with the decision whether to get a dog or not for the past three years.  I had to consider my chronic pain, pet allergies, limited finances...and of course new carpet (LOL).  I wanted to be a good doggie parent.  I have lived in my current home for three years I have had ups and downs with my health, but overall I have been so blessed.  My needs have always been met and my space is well maintained.  I needed to stop worrying and just trust that if God brought a dog to me that He would give me ALL that  I needed to care for the dog.  So, now that the novelty of new carpet has worn off (lol) I took the plunge and allowed myself to be open to whatever God had planned for me.  When I prayed to God about a dog I asked for a free, female, little pocket book sized dog, and the means to care for the dog properly.  When I least expected it, God sent me a free, male, breadbox sized dog...and I trust all will go well in the care department.  How was that for scripture in action...
The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps. NASB

Dugan resting

Nap time being interrupted by
 an excited new pet owner

Dugan was given to me by a friend of a friend who has to move and give away her pets.  It was a bittersweet situation for her and her family to find a home for Dugan.  My heart and prayers go out to them. 

I feel so blessed.  I love him already.  Getting a dog in this situation may be ideal for me.  Originally, I wanted a puppy, but Dugan is already house broken, car and crate trained.  In just 1 day he has learned to walk on a leash pretty well.  He is so smart.  I am glad that he listens and I anticipate the adjustment going smoothly.  Heck, I might need more time than he does-hahaha.  Dugan immediately took to the kids in the neighborhood.  On the first day I brought him home a swarm of kids came running down the street squealing "...a dog, Miss Tina has a dog!"  Then Dugan was loving all the kisses, pats and hugs that the children were bestowing upon him.  Somehow I think the petting sessions will be a daily routine-lol. 

CUTE, cute, cute!

He and I are off to a great start.  Now, I see why people always talk about their pets so much.  In just three days I have taken and e-mailed so many pictures.  I captured his first trip to the pet store, first bath, and of course his first visit to my craft room.  My friend in Arizona volunteered to get him a doggie bed.  Since he follows me to every room of the house...I got to thinking that he will NEED a bed in every room (bedroom, office, living room, craft room) lol.  So, at 2 a.m. in the morning I was searching the Internet for 'make your own' doggie bed tutorials.  I couldn't find a large enough remnant piece of fabric for the pattern I liked most.  I made a fleece pillow/bed just to tide him over until my pal sends his doggie bed.  Thanks to Helen for giving me the idea!

Thanks for letting me rant about my new family member.  Don't get comfortable...this will not be the last time I talk about him-LOL  So, will love it and learn to ohhh and ahhh an the appropriate times in my stories-hahaha.

Embroidered with his name

Checking out new bed


Inquiring minds want to know...

Some people have asked hoe I made this little origami dog card.  So, here is a tutorial.  I hope this helps and that you try this project.  It is really fun!  For the original post please see:

Start with a 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of card stock or paper.  This works great with pp paper that has Dalmatian spots all over it.  I even used camouflage pp for my  friend in the military.  Fold top right corner to left side of paper to form a triangle like shown. 
Cut off bottom edge.  You can also start with a square of paper 8 1/2" x 8 1/2".  (BTW this scrap cut in half makes two 2 1/8" note cards-small, but a great size to include with swap items)
Fold down right and left points to form the ears.  I just eyeball where I want the ears to fall.  I leave about 3/4" at the top of the dog's head between the two folds (ears).
 Decorate.  Use googly eyes, markers, crayons paper, pom poms etc.

You can write messages under the ear flaps, draw games, use stickers etc.

The paper is doubled and forms a make shift mouth/ pouch.  You can fill this with small items such as candy, confetti, stickers etc.   I used silly bands. 

A 6" x 9" envelope works for mailing.  The back can be decorated also.  I usually write a message there.  This project works great not only for kids to receive, but also for kids to make.  I have also sent this origami dog to my adult dog lover friends with a tea bag or some other little trinket.

Thanks for looking and all the comments of encouragement.


One came back...

I hosted a craft Pass-it-party for a group of neighborhood children.  They were to make cards for Mother's Day.  I was feeling frustrated when the children arrived with unsigned activity registration forms, late, unfed, hungry and thirsty.  There were several class interruptions by latecomers, and the really young children who all wanted to come to the party.  I had explained in detail that the event was for the 9-12 year olds and that there would be a future event for the 5-8 year olds.  I also stressed that the registration form had to be filled out completely.  Sadly, I had to turn away several crying children.  All I can do is provide the service, parents still have to follow the directions and do their part.  Unfortunately, the children are caught in the middle.  Pass-it-on parties are NOT free childcare, they are classes.  Education in a party setting.

Fast forward to Mother's Day.  I was sitting outside soaking up the sun.  I was feeling sort of lonely and just plain old BLAH!  I couldn't really get into the book I had carried with me to read.  So, I was just watching the birds, bugs and bees.  You know making sure the grass was growing straight. (LOL)  Then kids started to come outside.  One little boy came down the street and said hello.   He had been one of the pass-it-on party goers.  He proceeded to tell me how much his mom liked her card. How she picked one of the flowers from the front of the card right away revealing "I will help by taking out the trash."  The BLAH's went away immediately.  It all seemed worth it, because one came back.  Ironically, this child had made a pot holder also the week before.  During that party his attitude was so challenging.  I wanted to kick him out of my studio so badly.  By the grace of God, I hung in there and so did he.  I told him I was very proud of him and hoped to see him at a future pass-it-on party.

At the craft party the children were very creative.  All of the cards were different.  They did a great job spelling the sentiment inside.  They were clever in coming up with chores to help with.   The children were even practicing their delivery lines " Mom, this is for you..."   I was chuckling to myself as I watched them.  Then I was awed by their response to the little certificates of completion I gave them.  Their faces lit up as they read "Great Job, you took the leap (picture of frog)..."  They each had smiles and looks of victory on their faces.  They actually made a bigger fuss over those certificates than they did over the favor bags they received.  And those were filled with toys, games and candy.

A chore was written on the back of each flower

Someone reported that their Mom picked all three flowers in just one day

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All the materials used in this project are from the Teen Queen stash.




I hosted a craft Pass-it-on party the other week.  It was on a small scale so no lunch and no story.  This event was to take the place of a Spring break skating trip the kids talked me into. (LOL)  So, I thought they may enjoy making a craft for Mother's Day presents.  Yes, I went back in time and pulled out the weaving looms and cotton loops to make potholders.  Great idea right!  Perhaps.  As a child, I do not recall having so much difficulty with this project.  The attendees really struggled.  I was so grateful for patience that day. Luckily, they stuck with it and eventually got the hang of weaving.  However, I think I will hold off on the macrame flower pot hangers until I recuperate. (LOL)

My loops keep coming off...
Over, under...over, under-Got it!

Push the loops close together

I did it!!!

Thanks for stopping by.  
A heart felt thank you to Thelda and Ken for donating all the materials.

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