Ain't I a Woman

Ain't I a Woman
Pearl of Great Price


It is good to have support

Three years ago I was sort of afraid to move from the northern part of my state to the southern part. I had become used to my circle of friends. When I got real sick the nurses ministry at my church stepped right in to help me. Still, I knew that God had ordained for me to move.
I love my house, but I feel so isolated in this area. I recently learned that it is not simply my location, but also my stage in life. See, I am single with no children while most of my friends have children and are married. Coupled with that truth, I discovered that I do not always ask for help.
However, two things happened to me recently that helped me to grow out of this " I can do it by myself" box. I was caregiver to a 4 month old baby for a week and yesterday I had a back procdure done. While I didn't plan any appointments during my week of babysitting, it was still more than a notion to care for a young child. With my physical disability, I really needed help. With the back procedure, I have been a bit wobbly and almost fell a few times. It was great to have help with daily living activities and to not be by myself all day. I am so touched that a few folks have called to check on me, picked up perscriptions, heated up meals etc.

I really like giving to others, so who am I to think that others would not want to and enjoy pouring into me. I thank God for growth. In these two instances, I asked for assistance. Some folks came through; while others said they would, but did not. Normally, I would take the attitude "see when you ask for help you do not get it". This time I did not let that deter me-I reached out anyway. Although, I still refused offers to put away dishes and do laundy, I did accept help. I figured that I could take baby steps before I put away my wonder woman cape. lol Every process takes time huh?
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