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Gift Giving Pass-it-on Party

With all the festivities around the Christmas holiday; I figured that kids might want to be a part of the gift giving also.  It's not like they have jobs or cars (LOL).   I decided to host a Pass-it-on Party so the kids could come and make a gift for their families.  

A Pass-it-on Party is education in a party setting.  It stems from the ideology that there is always someone in the neighborhood that has a skill and wants to 'pass it on' to a younger person.  Growing up, my community was full of these types of individuals.  People who felt it was their responsibility to teach the younger generation.  I learned to cook, sew, draw, paint, crotchet, and craft.  Today, I sort of do the same thing; I simply teach what I know.  The pass-it-on parties that I have hosted so far include writing, acting, cooking, crafting, painting, sewing, scrap booking, crocheting, jewelry making etc.  Whatever I learn, I 'pass it on'

I try to host one per quarter and alternate the age groups.  The parties are usually held when the kids have a break from school or a long weekend.  Lately I have been so very fatigued and the parties have been sporadic and impromptu.  Reality check:  as much as I think I am the energizer bunny...I do have chronic physical limitations.(LOL)  It's like a real party.  The kids all receive invitations and there is a RSVP.  There is always a waiting list; as my house, finances and supplies can only accommodate so many.

There were two parties;  six spaces for kids ages 5-8 and 8 spaces for kids ages 9-12.  For the little tykes we made cookies in a jar for the cooking part and made the labels and cinnamon/sugar pouches for the crafting part.


Amongst many things they experienced; the children had a chance to read a recipe; identify, measure and mix ingredients, use a funnel; cooperate; share; work together; and do some simple crafting.  I hope they have a great time making the cookies with their families.  Of course there was a demonstration I HAD to cook the cookies the next morning...not for me, but so that the kids that were coming the next day could have a snack(LOL)...

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.


  1. Miss are incredible! I absolutely LOVE your generous spirit and giving heart! Look at those sweet smiling faces! Yay for you! :o)

  2. thanks Tina for the invite... Jaylen had a great time. He called his father with excitement I MADE SOMETHING FOR YOU DADDY!!!!!!!!! :)


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