Ain't I a Woman

Ain't I a Woman
Pearl of Great Price


I AM grateful...

I am grateful for many and all things, but in this season I am especially grateful to GOD for sparing my life.  I was experiencing increased pain in February 2014 until I went to the emergency room on March 7.  After a series of miraculous events including a discharge interruption I came out of my anesthetic sleep to learn that my appendix had ruptured.  I was told that it had ruptured some time ago and that gracefully most all the toxins were encapsulated in one spot.  Glory to God!  So, yes I am grateful to GOD for amazing grace and favor.

I created this background with leftover paints some time ago.  It just happened to be in my travel mixed media kit.  I sketched this face while in the hospital.  Amazingly it satisfies two challenges for this month-wow!

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March 2014 Challenge with Limor Webber

Painted glasses

I tried my hand at painting glasses.  I used to do similar crafts back in the day.  I would decorate mason jars, vases etc.  Was I this terrible...people brought those crafts.  Perhaps none of us knew any better or somewhere along the line I lost my skill of painting on glass (LOL).  Where here goes the share and if you tell anyone what you saw...I will have you...uhhh...let's just say...I know watch your back (LOL)

Let me just say that my paint was old, my brushes were worn...not buying those reasons?  Well that is my story and I am sticking with it-so there.  ROTFLOL!!!!

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Shaker card

Here is a baby rattle shaker card.  I made this style before for a boy.  This one was for a girl.

Safety pin confetti inside the rattle

Doodling on the handle

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Catching up

I have been away for a few weeks.  I was in the hospital two times.  Once with a ruptured appendix and then with neurological dysfunction believed to be the second episode of MS.  Only time will tell.  I am so thankful to God for allowing me to live.  There are so many miracles and testimonies within this whole journey; it is evident that God was watching over me the whole time.  THANK YOU!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!

So as I recover the next few blog posts will be stuff I created, but never blogged about along with some new projects. 

Diaper Cake for baby girl

Close up of the face

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Look what I received in the mail

This is a really cool RAK.  And truly from a secret service scrapper (LOL)  I like the paper line too.  These 6 x 6 paper pads are the perfect size for making cards.

Thank you to the person who thought of me and really made my day.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.

More faces

I am almost at 29.  Even though I didn't keep up with a face each day, I am still working to complete the challenge.

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