Ain't I a Woman

Ain't I a Woman
Pearl of Great Price


Save the scrapping for last...

I am truly a work in progress. So, I ditched all of my grown-up responsibilities and decided to play in the craft room. No dishes, laundry, errands, phone calls etc. It was still the end of the day by the time I made it to the craft room, but I was determined to make it-and continue on my journey to combat the notion that 'scrapping/creating has to come last'; after all the other 'have to do' work is done. It is hard to reprogram years of stinking thinking.
This was actually a Tim Holtz challenge on the Scraps of Color .ning network. I made a tag with perfect pearl mist. I sanded and used distress ink on the grungeboard key. Then I added the word 'life' pin. The "Love is the Key" tag didn't bring me joy and since there are no mistakes in scrapbooking, I cut the tag up and made confetti. I had made this all black watercolor background the other day to use for another project. Instead I used it to create this simple mixed media piece. Viola! Now, tomorrow I will have to do all those things which I have neglected today...old habits are hard to break.


Carpe Diem!

For two days now I have spent the day buried in my office with my face in my computer. How in the world did that happen? I woke up this morning with great plans. O.k. so yesterday, I did manage to wash my hair and do a teeny little bit of housework. And, oh yeah...I fixed my leaky toilet, but for the most part that is all I accomplished outside of my office. So today was supposed to be different. I was going to get so much done today. Ahhhh, one can always dream. It is afternoon already and where am I? Still in my office. While I am thankful for this space and that I get to work from home...this room is starting to feel like a dungeon. So I am busting out of here and going to play in my craftroom. Just like when we vacation or travel, I am putting 9-5, pencil pushing type work on the shelf and going to create. I am trying to rediscover the happy and relaxed person that crafted this z fold, envelope, mini travel album. Whatever you do today remember to feed your spirit by doing what you love. Sieze the day: Carpe diem!
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