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Ain't I a Woman
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On a recent visit my surrogate brother came bearing gifts.  He ordered me not to make a big deal over him, so I will not post his picture.  Now, my brother loves to cook and he has every kitchen gadget under the sun.  He gives me stuff for my kitchen too.  So he comes in with this big ole' box.  In the box there are many other boxes.  I got a rice cooker, a pressure cooker, a knife set, food thermometer, and knife sharpener.  I also got this blenderfoodprocesser like thing called the Ninja-  my brother was like " never heard of the ninja...where have you been?"  Let me just say...that thing is a beast!  I love it.  He had already instructed me to " this box last..."  When I opened the box it was a notebookipadtablet thingy!!!!  Wow!  See I have a desktop and usually haul craft supplies in my office to work on a project while watching USTREAM shows. Now I can  watch craft videos in my craft room or when I am really sick and have to stay in bed.  What a thoughtful and helpful gift.

I was also instructed not to cry, but I snuck off into the office and let out tears of joy.  What did I ever do to deserve such kindness.  The best gift was him telling me "..I just wanted to pour into you sometimes since you spend a lot of time pouring into others..."  Talk about give me my flowers while I am living.

I love all my gifts.  I love my brother...words cannot say how much. I do not love him because he looks out for me and gives me cool gifts, but I love him just because. 

And on top of that: while I was in the office I checked the e-mail and discovered that SOMEONE had paid my fee to attend an online class.  I am most grateful to the secret service giver (lol).  The tears of joy and thankfulness started to flow all over again.

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Color blocking

I tried this color blocking or mosaic look on a background for a 12 x 12 scrapbook page.   I used the strip that I cut off to make this card.

I got the image in a dress form swap and the ribbon was on a present I received.  All the paper is from scraps.  Sentiment: Laughter is the shortest distance between two friends.

Also submitted to Word Art Wednesday Challenge # 73
Sistah Brotha Blogger's Challenge #11

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SCRAP bingo challenge

Here is my submission for the SCRAP bingo challenge on the Scrappin Sisters FB page.  The requirements under the letter "p" in scrap are:
  1. complete a card for a friend: the project is a card
  2. use letters on a page: 2 different alpha packs used
  3. create a border : cuttle bug embossing border
  4. double mat a photo: gray and black scrap paper
  5. journal by hand: inside sentiment written by hand (plus private note on other side of card)
You know me, I made one project in an attempt to meet all these criteria:

Ok so why is the a heart over the subjects face?  Well, my friend absolutely hates, despises, abhors Facebook; and I will be posting this on the challenge page which is where?  You guessed it...FACEBOOK! (LOL)  This is a picture of my friend sleeping on my couch.  I thought she should have all the 'the not so flattering' photos I own of her.

Sentiment: What happens at QueenTeen's tonight...goes on Facebook tomorrow

 This is not a scrapbook layout, but I hope it qualifies for the scrap bingo challenge.  At any rate this was fun.
Submitted: Siatah Brotha Blogger's Challenge #13

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Hoot Hoot

Here is an art journal page I made based on a tutorial where the teacher, (Andrea Domoll),  encouraged using limited products.

Gelatos, doilies, book paper, white out, stamps, stencil, matte medium.  All stamping done with gelatos.

Submitted: Sistah Brotha blogger's challenge #10

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Let's feed your family tonight...

My neighbor came to ask for help with her school project.  After we finished that we decided to make soup for her family.  There are six children in the family.  Here is the happy cook after her impromptu cooking lesson.

Ingredients:Chicken sausage, spinach, tomatoes, noodles and whatever else fell out of the spice cabinet.  She was a good student and taster too (LOL).

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Lost and Found

The words are not very visible in this picture.  I had the label strip off a sheet of "Lost and Found" paper.  So that inspired this art journal page.  Sentiment: I once was lost- now I AM found, found, found.


Also submitted to Word Art Wednesday Challenge #72

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CAS Roots

I think my early scrapbooking style was CAS-clean and simple.  I still scrap that way, but I tend to lean toward the mixed media doodle-handmade-look.  To me this layout is a return to my roots.

The pictures are from Christmas cards I have received from this family.  The journaling in the heart has all the kid's names and it says: "I can have no greater joy than to hear that my children are following the truth" III John 1:4 (this was the sentiment on the card). Journaling around edge of page: I met Sabrina and Big Dan one day at the YMCA.  They were celebrating their anniversary by taking a little dip in the pool.  It has been a joy connecting with such a lovely family.  Journaling around the picture:  Dan, Sabrina and the magnificent 6 '2012'

Linked to Word Art Wednesday challenge #71

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Friend of a friend

I made three one page paper bag albums for my friend.  One for each of the three dogs she has had in her adult life.   She liked them so much that she asked me to make an album for her friend.    The photos she sent fit better in a different kind of mini album.  This is what I came up with:

front cover

back cover

It is a 6 x 6 mini made from one sheet of card stock.  The way it folds it actually sits up like a picture frame.

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30 minute challenge

This was the challenge:
Create a bookmark that must include:
a) Cardstock
b) Three patterned papers

Here is what I came up with :

This is a corner bookmark.  The third pattern is on the back.  The beads are from my stash and the papers are scraps.

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I was trying to do a challenge of making an Easter card with mint or light green, glitter, and ribbon.  I finished it and realized that it wasn't green ROTFLOL!  That's what I get using scraps-it forces you into using the colors that you have on hand.  Here it is:

And surely He does live!  I am so glad that Jesus hung up and got up!  Whoo Hoo!

Also entered in Word Art Wednesday

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Another Friday Night Chat Challenge

I saw these type of cards at a craft show I went to back in the 80's.  I have been meaning to make my own, but I forgot all about the craft.  I bet all crafters have a pile of unused ideas lol.  When I saw this note card in the Scraps of Color Gallery I was inspired.  Guess what?  I still didn't make the craft.  

Then we were issued this challenge in the FNC (Friday Night Chat): Challenge 4) Create a scraplifted layout or card from a picture in the SOC gallery. You must include a link to the inspiration picture and post the reason why you selected the picture.

 I scraplifted Patricia Stuart.  I have not had the chance to chat with her, but you can view her blog here.

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Friday Night Chat Challenge

I have not played along in a Friday Night Chat challenge on the Scraps of Color .ning site in so long.  The challenges usually require you to make something in 30 minutes. 

Challenge1: Create an Easter card and you must include all of the following:
a) The color pale or mint green
b) Ribbon
c) Glitter

I do not do many Easter cards so this was a challenge for me.  Papers are all scraps from my stash.

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Pass-it-on Crocheting party

Here is a scrapbook layout I made of a Pass-it-on Crocheting  party.  The children had fun.  The crocheted flowers kind of emphasizes the theme of the event.  I may add journaling later.  I have quite a few pictures to scrap from this event.  

The layout was made in a class at a recent crop I went to.  The bee hive-chicken wire thingy was cut out using the Pazelles machine.

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TP mini

Here is a TP mini that I made for a fellow online crafter.  He mentioned wanting a Valentine's Day TP roll mini.  I tried to oblige but soon realized that I did not have much Valentine themed embellishments.  I hope he was not too disappointed receiving an incomplete album and was able to further decorate the mini album and make it his own. 

I do like the way the tags came out


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