Ain't I a Woman

Ain't I a Woman
Pearl of Great Price


If it ain't broke...

I have made a version of this sympathy card before.  I really like the image of the skunk from the Cricut Create a Critter cartridge. (say that 5 times-lol).  Often times when we lose a loved one we get a massive flux of sympathy cards and a lot of people rally around us.  Then some time later the visits, dinners, well wishes and cards stop coming. sometimes we feel alone, like we should just get over our loss.  There is no time limit on memories.  Some memories make us laugh and others make us cry.  I know first hand that there are days that are just plain ole' STINKY.  So that is the idea behind this card.  Sentiment: When life stinks...smell the flowers.

I received the cuts to layer about 20 of these skunk images.  So I can make a variation of this card many times. That was a very thoughtful RAK. It is wonderful that my online buddy was listening close enough one day when I must have expressed how much I liked the skunk-lol how amazing.  It is wonderful how seemingly idle 'scrap chat' can turn into a craft that may uplift others.  Thanks for your kindness Helen!

Entered in: Word Art Wednesday Challenge #130


A Birthday card

A masculine birthday card. 

Happy Birthday stamp, buttons, paper crimper, origami dress shirt, paper scraps.

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Sympathy Card

Sentiment: may you find comfort in your loving memories.

Again I am using up my scraps.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.

submitted in the Word Art Wednesday challenge #129


U Rock Card

It feels so good to be in the art studio for a little while.  I made a card.

The card base is made from 8 1/2 x 11 cs left over from Valentine's projects at Sunday School.
all the other papers are scraps.

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Added to Word Art Wednesday Challenge # 128


Inspiration mix up

This card was inspired by Keeva Joelle -Benjamin.  I do not know Keeva, but my  friend posted a picture of a card.  I thought my friend made the card.  I made a comment on the post...but then read in more detail and realized that the card was not made by friend (ROTFLOL)  I used the card for inspiration anyway.

Card base left over from Valentine's projects at Sunday School.
The rest is made from scraps.

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How does your garden grow

A flower touches everyone's heart...Georgia O'Keefe

I used the Marvy embossing markers on glossy paper and then punched out the flowers.  The sentiment is embossed.  Other supplies: white signo uniball pen, pearl pen, butterfly embellishment, white embossing powder.

Used for the Journal52 prompt #13

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Here is another ATC.  This did not turn out the way I imagined it in my head.  Oh well...

Watercolor pencils, paint pen, charcoal pencil

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So I am stuck on the couch...I might as well make something.  I used the Adinkra Symbol to make this ATC.  It is called GYE NYAME it means "except for God"  It is a west African symbol used especially in Ghana to represent the supremacy and omnipotence of God and fearlessness of His followers.

I used water color pencil, sharpie, charcoal 3B, water brush

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Door wreath

Here is an outdoor wreath.  Those are fabric flowers made with Afri-centric printed fabric.

The grapevine wreath is recycled from a Goodwill find.

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Some gifts

Here are some gifts that I made during the Christmas season.

microwave popcorn covers (the hat is a pair of socks)

Popcorn kernels in recycled baby food jars

Chai tea (this was the first craft under my new business name- Tina Riley Imaginariums)


Drawings from the hospital bed

It seems like I will never finish the 29 faces that I have been unofficially doing.  Uhhhhh wasn't that challenge over in February? (LOL)  I just knew I would catch up in the hospital, but I did not feel like arting as much as I thought I would.  So here are two faces that I did manage to draw.  One I actually didn't finish until I came home. 

Now I am home recuperating making blankets and watching others make art via the internet.  I really want to get back in the studio, but I feel blah.  I hope my mojo returns soon.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.


I AM grateful...

I am grateful for many and all things, but in this season I am especially grateful to GOD for sparing my life.  I was experiencing increased pain in February 2014 until I went to the emergency room on March 7.  After a series of miraculous events including a discharge interruption I came out of my anesthetic sleep to learn that my appendix had ruptured.  I was told that it had ruptured some time ago and that gracefully most all the toxins were encapsulated in one spot.  Glory to God!  So, yes I am grateful to GOD for amazing grace and favor.

I created this background with leftover paints some time ago.  It just happened to be in my travel mixed media kit.  I sketched this face while in the hospital.  Amazingly it satisfies two challenges for this month-wow!

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.
March 2014 Challenge with Limor Webber

Painted glasses

I tried my hand at painting glasses.  I used to do similar crafts back in the day.  I would decorate mason jars, vases etc.  Was I this terrible...people brought those crafts.  Perhaps none of us knew any better or somewhere along the line I lost my skill of painting on glass (LOL).  Where here goes the share and if you tell anyone what you saw...I will have you...uhhh...let's just say...I know watch your back (LOL)

Let me just say that my paint was old, my brushes were worn...not buying those reasons?  Well that is my story and I am sticking with it-so there.  ROTFLOL!!!!

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Shaker card

Here is a baby rattle shaker card.  I made this style before for a boy.  This one was for a girl.

Safety pin confetti inside the rattle

Doodling on the handle

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Catching up

I have been away for a few weeks.  I was in the hospital two times.  Once with a ruptured appendix and then with neurological dysfunction believed to be the second episode of MS.  Only time will tell.  I am so thankful to God for allowing me to live.  There are so many miracles and testimonies within this whole journey; it is evident that God was watching over me the whole time.  THANK YOU!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!

So as I recover the next few blog posts will be stuff I created, but never blogged about along with some new projects. 

Diaper Cake for baby girl

Close up of the face

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Look what I received in the mail

This is a really cool RAK.  And truly from a secret service scrapper (LOL)  I like the paper line too.  These 6 x 6 paper pads are the perfect size for making cards.

Thank you to the person who thought of me and really made my day.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.

More faces

I am almost at 29.  Even though I didn't keep up with a face each day, I am still working to complete the challenge.

 Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.

More Sketches

I am practicing a bit more.  I call these car drawings because I drew them while in the car.  It is cumbersome to carry the sketch pad, but I do not think I could embrace a smaller one yet.  I will keep going.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.

Sketching faces

I am not officially doing the 29 Faces, but looking back over the month I have drawn 12 faces.  Since I am pretty much caught up-I guess I am sort of playing along in the challenge-lol.  This gives me motivation to keep going.  I cannot recall what I already shared and where so here is a update of the faces that I think I didn't share previously.  They are numbered arbitrarily, but all done this month.

#10, #11 and #12


A quickie sketch

I just grabbed this graph paper note pad to practice lips.  This immediately turned into a quick face.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.


Getting my craft fix

I was unable to craft most of the weekend since I was not feeling well.  I had it in my mind that I would work on some projects all weekend.  Therefore I HAD to go into the art studio before church on Sunday morning.  It was a NEED-lol.  I made this card. You'll be happy to know that I was not late for church, but the card was finished a bit later teee hee.  Priorities you know-lol I was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest a few days ago.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.

Submitted: SOC Blogger challenge: Embossing.
                Word Art Wednesday #119


Building Character

Journal52 prompt #4: Building character.  

Sentiment: Romans 5:3-4
We rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces CHARACTER...and character produces HOPE.

Word Art Wednesday Challenge # 119
Journal52 prompt #4

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Abstract Watercolor

This was done for a art journaling prompt to make an abstract inspired piece.

Watercolor pencils and black MS marker on watercolor paper.

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You always make me smile

The week #3 Journal52 prompt:  what makes you smile

A lot make s me smile.  When my dog, Dugan curled up on the bed to take a nap I decided that folding laundry could wait while I sketched him (ROTFLOL).  I wish I could skip housework and do art without the guilt.  But I is the page:

I was surprised that it sorta looks like Dugan

I did some doodling and tried some different lettering.  BUT THE WHITE SPACE NEAR ABOUT KILLED ME! rotflol
Sentiments: It is very hard to embrace the white space.  Look it's here too! Grrr...Seriously this is stressful...White Space.  More white space.  DUGAN MAKES ME SMILE. STOP...embrace the space..STOP.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.


Another Sketch

Here I am working on hair.

My little elf- lol

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again.


Catching up on Journal52

My online buddy added me to a FB page.  Thanks Tiare!  The page is Journal52 where there is a art journaling prompt each week.  I didn't originally plan to participate with the prompts.  Here I am (LOL).  I am not sure if I am really following the prompts all year...I think I am more just plugging in wherever I can.  And really enjoying the art work of others and the unveiled sharing that goes on in the group.  My emotions and pages do not always come in pretty packaging tied up with a bow.  As demonstrated with this first page.

The first prompt was Up, up and away to represent  'taking off' into the new year.  I used a technique I learned from watching Sundays with Sandee  A part of the process was to include some white space.  Ha! I so did not like my white space so I doodled around the tissue paper, wax paper transfer and image.  I so desperately want to 'embrace the space'  LOL.

Here is my page:

Sentiment: Sometimes I am 2 chicken to fly...So I stand here frozen watching my dreams go up, up and away. 

Submitted: Word Art Wednesday #118

Thank for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.



I used to draw when I was a child.  My mother taught me how to trace an elephant in a coloring book and before long I was drawing elephants free hand.  I drew animals from pictures I saw in books.  I really enjoyed drawing.  Now my brother took art classes and developed his natural propensity for drawing.  In art classes he learned about the tools, shading, contour, depth, color mixing and all the technical stuff about drawing and painting.  While I was told "...go to school, excel at that, you are smart, get a good paying job..."  So, I stopped drawing.  Art classes were not a part of the college prep curriculum.

I can actually recall my last art class in sixth grade.  I loved the projects.  We were in the middle of learning to carve designs on tiles for printing when teachers went on strike and there was no more art class.  I still created and did some type of arts and crafts for the rest of my school years and into adulthood.   I would made sketches from time to time.  It wasn't until a few years ago that I recognized that final art project I did was called a soft block carving.  And that it was a really popular artform. 

So, here I am trying to learn how to draw faces.  I really want to use faces in my mixed media pieces.  I am truly self taught.  I can't afford to take classes.  Instead I connect with other artists and practice, practice, practice.  Recently,  I have  been sketching more consistently.  I hope the routine lasts.  I am starting to carry a sketchbook again.  I am a little eager to be good, but I keep telling myself to relax. I may not become good, but I at least want to be comfortable and confident.  Here are some of my practice faces:
This was done last year

This was done last year
drawn from a photograph

inspired by  Pinterest
inspired by Pinterest

drawn the other day

It is so hard not to comment on all the flaws.  I will say that I do not see a progressive improvement.  Some of the older faces are better than the more recent ones.  IMO  I can see how my pain level, mood, sitting position all play a part in the outcome.  I am beginning to play in my sketchbook whenever I am stuck in bed and immobile.  

I am glad that even when I draw wonky faces they can work well in art journaling or mixed media pieces.  For now it is about practicing, learning and not comparing myself to other FABULOUS artists.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.
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