Ain't I a Woman

Ain't I a Woman
Pearl of Great Price


Altered file folder record keeper

My dog, Dugan, has been a great addition to my life.  I record information about him.   I use a tag, but I ran out of space after having him for more than a year.  I wanted to make a log for keeping his records.  I started him on a new eating plan in an effort to pinpoint the source of his allergies.  The vet has been expensive and not really helpful.  So, I am resorting to my own troubleshooting and home remedies; documenting is very important to this process.  
This is an altered file folder album that I made. 

Painted, collaged and misted cover flap

There are 4 big panels and one small panel to write information.  Also there is a tag and pocket.

 I may add another pocket. I do like the informal feel of the paperclips.

I feel better after making this new record keeper.  I hope Dugan stops itching soon.  And that I find out what is causing his allergies.  He is really loving the food I am making for him, but I think he misses his treats.

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Chocolate Candy holder

I made these Ghirdelli chocolate candy holders to give to the attendees of a luncheon I am going to this week.  I hope they like them.

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Gimme' a kiss!

I decided to do another challenge from the Scraps of Color .ning site.  This time we had to make a wish list.  My Christmas wish list:
  1. To be healthier physically, mentally and spiritually
  2. to have enough money to be a philanthropist (all my craft buddies get craft room makeovers -lol)
  3. to have a kitchen and bathroom ADA makeover
  4. for my dog to stop itching
  5. for my family and friends to live joyfully and PEACEfully
  6. for God to shower protection, wisdom, salvation and blessings upon the children & the families in my circle

The one thing I really want, is a matehusbandlifepartner preferably chocolate, rich and sweet...

I guess these will have to do until the Lord sends me my dream man.   hahahahaha

They are chocolate, rich, and sweet!

These are Hershey's kiss candy holders that I made for my former co-workers.  I hope they like them.

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O' Holy Night!

On the SOC .ning site I entered a challenge to blog about a Christmas song or movie and create a craft to go with my choice.  O' Holy night is my favorite Christmas Song.  I especially like the part: Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the angel voices! O night divine, the night when Christ was born; O night, O Holy Night , O night divine! O night, O Holy Night , O night divine!

I made these dishcloth/potholder angels.  I plan to give them as gifts.

I really love this song any time of the year.  
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Bottle Babe

Here is a 'no sew' muse that I made as taught in Barb Owens Mining Your Muse class.  I  made this tab head face previously.  I added more hair to complete this muse.  She is made from a recycled bottle, hence the name "Bottle Babe".

Front view

 Close up of necklace and cape.
Close up

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Another Artsy Fartsy Muse

In the Mining Your Muse class when Barb Owen showed the class how to make the first 'Artsy Fartsy Muse' we sewed enough fabric for the body of two muses.  I made another one and she is big just like the first one (LOL).  I guess my muses just want to be gigantic!  This one is a dancer too.

she has a paper flower and beaded noodle face & sponge paint brush arms.

Dance bag and tutu.  I think there is a tiara in her dance bag-just saying (LOL)

prismacolor pencil legs (I had a whole box of fluorescent yellow pencils in my stash)
She may a bit top heavy, but she has PERFECT balance.

This is a fun class, I have learned a lot.

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Fall Tag Swap

These are the tags I received in a recent swap.  The Scrappy Chicks crop every Thursday. I have an opportunity to attend sporadically, but I lucked out and got into this swap.

Thanks: Kathy, Barb, Pet,Carol, JoAnn, and Mary

Gratitude IS a LOVE attitude!  I am grateful for all my artsy friends.

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A Muse With a Soul

I learned how to make this muse in Barb Owens Mining Your Muse class.  She calls it a muse with a soul.  The variegated yarn hair reminds me of Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmatians (LOL)

cowrie shell and beads

drama faces pendant necklace

beads and cowrie shells dangles

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Fall Tags

I made these tags for a swap.  They are CAS (Clean and Simple) according to me.  I used a technique that I learned from Rubber Cottage several years ago.  I had forgotten how to do the stippling onto a glossy tag.  Then I found a blog post, then I lost it so I am unable to provide a link (sorry). I had all the supplies on hand because I purchased them at the Stamp Scrap and Art Tour many years ago with the intention of creating tags that I learned at a make and take hosted by Rubber Cottage.  Crafters REALLY do eventually use their stash (LOL).

Materials: Glossy tags, gold leaf pen, studio G stamps, beads, beading wire, ribbon, stickles, Adirondack inks, archival ink.

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Words to Live by

There are many positive thoughts that I keep in mind as I go through life in general and specifically my weight loss/life change journey.  I made a scrapbook page highlighting a few.

embellishment cluster.  Be free, PEACE
Sentiments: Rest, revive, renew; Forgive freely; Love in Action; Experience the  moment                                       

Entered in  Word Art Wednesday Challenge #52

Submitted to the FB page Artful Weightloss.

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Dimensional muse head

Here is my version of the tab head muse Barb Owens showed in the Mining Your Muse class last week.  She showed us how to give the face some definition with a few stitches.  I learned some very interesting things.  I am really enjoying this class.

sewn, stuffed and colored face

After adding hair, butterfly and earrings.   My muse was demanding jewelry (LOL)  She is a FASHIONISTA!

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Painted Button Face

I have been watching Barb Owens USTREAM show for a while now.  It is called "Creating Faces", ironically in all these months I have watched Barb make many cool projects, but she never painted a face. (LOL)  In the Mining Your Muse class she taught us how to paint a face onto a fabric covered button.  It looked very involved.  Barb is a great teacher and her guidance made the project fun, and dare I say, easy. (LOL) 

Now being easy did not stop my face from coming out crazy!  I didn't have all the suggested colors of prisma pencils, but being an artist extraordinaire (tee hee hee) I made do with what I had.  I have to stop right here and do a station identification...HALLELUJAH!!!!  Thank you LORD for giving me all the supplies I need for this class.  I have done many crafts over the years and it is amazing what I can find in my stash.  I am most grateful to God and the human vessels He uses to pour into my life.  OK...I can write all day about the goodness of God.  Here is my button face:

Soooooo, uhhhh yeah...I NEED a shading class and lots of practice. (hahaha)

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BIG, big, BiG...did I say big...

Certain members of my family , me included, have been known to have large heads.  My surrogate brother even affectionately calls me "big head."  So when I made this fabric muse she ended up with a big head just like me (LOL).  Another project taught in Barb Owens "Mining Your Muse" class.  This is my version of the 'Artsy Fartsy' Muse that she demonstrated in class last week.

This noodle spiral is twice the size of what the instructor made.  (LOL)

I used burlap for her wild and crazy  hair 

This was my first time doing free motion stitching. Sentiment: Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5                                 

The entire muse is made from scraps(except for the felt).  I used a tape measure strap that broke off a bag for her arms.  I mean she is supposed to be artsy fartsy (LOL)

  Here is a close up of her colored staple fingers.

So, there you go!  I am BIG and so is she...ha ha ha  The scripture on her bib reminds me to let my gentle side show sometimes.

I love her, this was a fun project to make.  I am so enjoying the class.

This project was also entered in Word Art Wednesday challenge #51

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Dance Muse

I am taking an online class called Mining Your Muse, taught by Barb Owen.  I have been watching  her USTREAM  shows for a while now.  I love her voice and there is so much inspiration among the chat and the show.  I have met some great  people and wonderful artists online.  So, on the quest to find my creative mojo-MUSE, if you will, we made a map to go in our muse finding tool box.  The map resulted in this:


Today my muse is a ballet dancer.  My always in pain and heavy body will not permit me to be a dancer, but in my heart I am most graceful and will always be a dancer.  Who cares that I can only get on point in my aqua yoga class- in the pool I AM a ballerina. (lol) So, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade...I am a DRAMATIST...the next best thing to a dancer.  (LOL)  I made this muse along with Barb as she was giving instructions.  I can see all the crooked lines, jagged cuts, wonky body shapes, and glue seepage, but there are no mistakes in parer crafting!  I cannot wait to make another one, or even sew one.  Barb this is a great class, my heart is so full and my spirit is so inspired to just play.  Thanks for the push and the inspiration.

Dugan thinks he is my muse sitting here on the sheet of newsprint paper I put down on my office desk as my work surface. (lol)  He jumps on the desk like a cat.  He was really good during the class (went to sleep on my feet), but as soon as class was over he was anxious to get up on the desk.  Gotta luv 'em.


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Trying out the video feature on my camera/Craft room Tour

Here is a tour of my craft room. Most crafters probably have a dream for a state of the art room, tools and supplies. (LOL)  I do too, but I love my current craft room.  I am constantly reorganizing the space.  I love that it is a mix of items: from garage sales, second hand stores, estate giveaways and sales, that I made, that were RAK'd or found.  

I am so thankful for all the people who constantly pour into the classes for the children.  I am honored that folks are so willing to donate supplies.  I am truly in awe of God's awesomeness when I walk into my craft room.  I thank GOD for blessing me ( a person with very little disposable income) with a wonderful space and the opportunity to participate in these sometimes expensive artforms  (paper crafting, sewing, painting etc.)  I am also thankful for the chance to teach the youngsters and be a part of my community.  According to the federal government I am living below the poverty level, but according to GOD I am rich beyond measure.  I choose to believe God.  Thank you JESUS!!!!  My heart is so full.  OK enough of my teary eyed rant.  I hope you check out the video.

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Note pad folio

Where oh where can my scrapping mojo be?  In an attempt to find it I watched Shannon Green's video.  I decided to art along with the video so I hit the pause button  and dragged all my scrap supplies for this project into my office.  See my craft room/classroom and office are on opposite sides of the house.  I have a desktop computer in my office and I spend a great deal of time on the computer and NOT in my craft room creating.  I think when the technology gods bestow upon me a laptop the problem will be better and I can spend more time in the craft room(LOL).  I is what I made:

 Front view with the pen

pocket & front signature

back signature & pad holder pocket

back view

This project was really cool there was only about a 2 inch strip of trash paper and it did not take long to make.  I loved sewing/binding the book together.  It just felt good to create the project.  Thank you so much for the inspiration Shannon.  Although the paper is colorful it is begging for me to add flowers, lace and girly stuff, but I may not embellish it and give it to a guy.

2 sheets 12 x 12 doubled sided paper(TH)
2 signatures
1 piece of scrap paper
waxed linen thread

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Get 'er done book mark

I made this bookmark for my friend to encourage her to journal more often and to work on writing her own book.

I tried an alcohol ink background technique I learned from RachO113.  Ironically, I have been chatting with her on various USTREAM shows and watching her USTREAM.  DUH!  I have been watching her YouTube videos all along...never knew it was the same Rach. LOL.

Water color paper, mod podge, UNITY stamp, alcohol inks, bread bag tie, micro beads, masking tape, cellophane, shipping tape.

This project was entered in :

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Lady sings the blues

One year ago today my mother departed this life and made a transition into eternity.  Being exposed to church goers and church lingo, I have always heard it said that we should rejoice when a person dies in Christ.  I truly understand the admonishment and I AM thankful that my mom was saved.  However, today I feel like the lady singin' the blues.  I miss my mom.

Thanks Helen for the lovely birthday card

Have a sweet rest mommy.  We'll meet again.
May 30, 1946-September 29, 2011

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Feed the birds...

Ever since I met my friend and former co-worker Gina I stopped saying "kill two birds with one stone", she got me saying  "stop the killing...let's feed two birds with one piece of corn".  She said it and it just made sense.  So, I played along in the Friday Night Challenge on the Scraps Of Color .ning site.  Challenge one: use all brown tones on a card.  Challenge two: scraplift a project in the gallery and make a card.  Here is my version of feeding the birds...I did one card to satisfy the rules of both challenges.  I scraplifted my online scrap buddy Cynta (Thanks for the inspiration).

Sentiment: Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times.

This card was made from all scraps.

This card was also entered in Word Art Wednesday Challenge #46

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Girlfriends challenge

Ok the sing a song challenge is over.  The next part is the 'Girlfriends' challenge, based on the television show by the same name.  The first character was Maya who was a secretary (our project had to include a paperclip) Maya was also an author so that is why the stack of her books on the card.  Silly game, but fun.  All the images that we are given during this challenge have not been released yet by Robert Jackson.

Image: Prisma colored pencils and OMS
Sentiment: You must not know 'bout me song by Beyonce

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Mixed media style scrapbook page

This is a page in an album.  I am really having fun doing art journal and mixed style scrapbook pages.  This picture was taken at Chieko's 74th birthday party.

Materials: A LOT! (LOL)
The entire album is on another post.


Birthday Collage Card

Look what I received in the mail!!!  Happy birthday to me!!!!!! It is from one of my non-scrapping friends.  We all have an artist inside of us just busting to get out.  It is wonderful being created in God's design we are all creative in some way.  Love it!

There is so much detail to look at on this page.  The butterflies make me think of "Changed" by Tremaine Hawkins...been singing that all weekend.

The back of the card.  Just reminds me to F.R.O.G.-Fully Rely On God and the the LORD is my shepherd!

I did scream loud when I opened the card!  Sentiment in the glass: Laugh until you tinkle (LOL)

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More sing a song challenge cards

The challenge was to use Robert Jackson digital images and make a card or project that depicted a song.  I went a little crazy with making easel cards.  While my coloring is horrible I still wanted to share so I can look back in 10 years and hopefully I will have gotten better. (LOL)

Buffalo Soldier-Bob Marley

That's What Friends are for- Dionne Warwick and Friends

Sister Big Bones-Anthony Hamilton

I Say a Little Prayer-Aretha Franklin

Cupid Draw Back Your Bow...Sam Cooke

Images: watercolor pencils, bic mark it markers, and prisma pencils

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