Ain't I a Woman

Ain't I a Woman
Pearl of Great Price


Little girl birthday card

The challenge was to color this image and make a card.  Instead of markers or colored pencils I decided to use chalks.  This gave the card a sort of light airy feel.  The fairy dust is made from stickles and glitter.  Butterflies from the dollar bin.  The inside sentiment: May all of your dreams come true.


What God has joined together...

In this time where divorce is often used as a solution to marital discord, it is so refreshing to see couples that have chosen to stick it out.  I made this simplistic layout to celebrate a few of the couples in my life.  It is amazing to witness and hear about some of the challenges they have faced over the years.  I am always grateful that they have faced each hardship head on, and surmounted it with the guidance of the LORD.  Surrounded by so many broken, unhappy married people, it is easy to have doubts about this ancient institution.   Along with the word of God, these couples offer me and others inspiration, hope and wisdom. 

Longevity truly is favor: He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.—Proverbs 18:22
Sorry, but I cannot recall the orgin of the supplies as this page was created long ago.


A young crafter's first scrap booking haul

So, I say to my niece," got a really good haul at the crop today.  Those ladies were so kind to give you all those supplies."  I explained to her what a haul was.  I told her that it was such a big deal in scrap world that folks took pictures and made videos of what they purchased.  She responded, "And you are telling me this because?   Aunt Teen Teen, you are too hyped."  Okay, I admit my excitement over all her goodies didn't match hers.   That is until I told her we could dump it all out and spead it over the table.  She shrieked, "I love spreading stuff out and playing in it!  That's what I do when me and mommy go shopping"
Stencils, stamps (way more than what I started with), inks, glue runner and refill, stickers, rub ons, ribbon, beads, sanding file, scrapfolio, 12 x 12 paper.  She was eager to organize all her stuff and label the sections of her Scrapfolio (expanding file).  She put all her stencils in a 3 ring binder.  Then she created a shopping list for me:  Exacto swivel knife, stamp scrubber pad and stamp cleaner.  How did I get signed up for this job?  LOL


Hot Chocolate holders for Cute Kids Crafts

My niece has always taking a liking to arts and crafts.  Whenever she visits I can expect to hear "Aunt Teen Teen, what are we going to do today...can I paint"  So, not wanting to disappoint  her and being a believer in pseudo child labor (hahahaha) I taught her to make hot chocolate holders.  I am hosting a charm swap and the chocolate holders will be the little 'thank you' gift included in each return package for the participants.  Together we made a sample and packed our supplies in preparation for a impromptu crop the next morning. 
How sweet it was to watch as she picked out paper, ink, stamps and other supplies.  She had a chance to measure, cut, score, stamp, ink edges, glimmer spray, mask, etc.  I introduced her to using pop dots, a heat tool as a dryer, and marathon scrapping...or at least scrapping until your project is done.  She was tired, but said she had a great time.  

She made these holders using envelopes from the resale store of course.  The flowers cover the little indentation on the envelope.  See how a couple of them are on the right and not on the left.  Well, when she cut the envelopes differently from the sample she had made the night before, and scored at the wrong line she thought she had made a terrible mistake.  Diane and Melissa (the ladies at the crop) were quick to educate her.  We all sang in unison, "There are NO mistakes in scrap booking, only opportunities for embellishment!" She thought we were crazy...she giggled at our song. lol 
She loved glimmer spraying the prima flowers and drying them with the heat tool.  She asked, " Aunt Tina, how do you make that spray stuff, cause I want my own to have at home..."    I saw the sky open up and I heard the angels singing...I think I have created a little crafter.  I would say my work is done, but somehow I suspect my work is just beginning. lol


Kraft envelopes...sort of

Kraft cardstock is one of my favorites right now.  It is so misunderstood somtimes, but simply the term 'Kraft' refers to the color.  Different companies sell the paper and the matching envelopes.  Cardmakers love that! It is also good for online shoppers.  However, I like to go in the store a get my purchases right away.  Yes, I guess my behavior is another notch in my 'rebelling using technology' 'hesitant to change' belts. LOL  If you only knew how long it took me to actually start would understand just how long I toiled with stepping into cyber world. 
So, uhhh...back to kraft cardstock.  Since I love making cards using kraft cardstock and I like buying my paper locally; I also wanted some inexpensive envelopes to match.  Well I couldn't find them.  So out of necessity grew creativity.  Now, I had previously used parchment and wrapping paper to make envelopes.  Back in the ancient days before the popularity of score boards and envelope makers it was customary to trace old envelopes or measure and draw your own templates. To match my cards I started using the brown roll of craft paper.   The kind used to cover tables or to wrap packages.  It also comes in white and other colors; it is available in office supply stores.  Teachers use it for bulliten boards.  I liked using the paper, but it was a bit thin.  I had to be very careful not to tear the paper when I scored it. 

Then I found this paper that construction workers use sort of like a drop cloth. It is a bit thicker and it matches the kraft paper very nicely.  The roll is large and has lasted me a long time so far.  You can find it in the paint section of home improvement stores near the plastic drop cloths or in department stores.  I brought a roll for my friend who is kraft paper crazy too.  lol

I still use paper bags to make envelopes when I want that wrinkily, vintage look. 


Cooking 'Pass It On' party

The name is just what it says: I plan and host parties and 'pass on' my knowledge to the participants.  The themes include many creative subjects like cooking, sewing, writing, acting, scrapbooking, jewelry making, crotcheting, etc.  About 10 children were invited to a cooking pass it on party.  I try to incorporate some subject related craft and storytelling as a part of each party.  This time the children made chef hats.  After telling the story of "Stone Soup" the children made a big batch of soup.  I never saw children eat so much soup.  When they kept asking for more I thought it was a scene from 'Oliver Twist' (lol).  I had to empty out all the take home containers to accommodate the requests for more, so the parents didn't get to taste the soup. 

The childern worked in pairs and made lemon meringue pies.  Good thing I anticipated the challenge that separating the egg yolks from the egg whites would cause.  I had several cartons on hand.  After a few tries and being patient each group was successful.  Their faces lit up as they took the pies out of the oven.  They were proud of themselves and I was proud of them too.


Wrapped in PEACE

One of my aqua aerobics instructors wanted a really large pink blanket.  She wanted it to be big enough to wrap all the way around her when cuddling on the couch.  This blanket is queen size, but can fit a king sized bed.  It is double sided fleece (print ans solid).  The edges are sewn and the fringe is simply tied.  I chose the peace symbol print because she is really going through a challenging situation.  Just as the blanket will cover her I trust that the LORD will comfort her and surround her with peace. 

John 16:33 (KJV) These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

I added her initial

I am sure we all could use reminding that God is the provider of the PEACE which surpasses all understanding.  I hope this blanket and the other ones I am making are reminders of God's peace.


I had to have it!

There was this teacher I was a TA for at a Creating Keepsakes Convention.  I have tried, but I cannot recall her name.  When I went to visit her vendor booth she was ranting and raving about this embellishment storage.  She was so excited.  I think her voice even went up an whole octave lol.  I thought the gadget was pretty neat too. 
When I got home I googled the "Clip-it-up".  I was loving the product, but it was out of my budget.  Then I stumbled across a video showing you how to make your own.  I gathered the supplies and I created my own version. I used a paper towel holder, wire rings from an old lampshade, paper clips and minature clothes pins.
This worked so well that I made another one using s-hooks for my decorative edge scissors.

About a year later a friend of mine (thanks Helen) introduced me to dangler clips.  I talked my brother into removing all those paper clips (tee hee he never knew what hit him). Then I replaced the paper clips with the dangler clips for a sturdier product.  I like the results.
My homemade embellishment storage.  It doesn't spin around, but I love it and the cost!


What a deal...

Do you recall a time when we didn't have voice mail?  I can remember when my University got voice mail and I, in rebellion, still used my answering machine.  For some reason I just didn't like the 'new' technology.  I mean I had a high tech DIGITAL answering machine, not the old kind with the cassette tape. (LMBO) Well, finally I gave in and  embraced the voice mail system.  Today I really like voice mail.  you would think that after that lesson, I would be more willing to adopt new technology.  NOT! I still have the old school clunky audio equipment in my craft room.  Growing up I learned that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"  A receiver, tape deck, cd changer, and clock radio were working just fine in my craft room. 

Even though all these components take up a lot of space, they still work.  I just happen to be in my local thrift store where I saw this RCA cd changer/radio/cassette tape player system.  It was marked $24.99.  So, it wasn't an i-pod, but it was more up to date than what I had.  Unfortunately, the cd changer door wouldn't open.  The manager tried to help and said that it was opening previously.  She concluded that it must be stuck and that she would't sell it that way.  As I was leaving the store, I was prompted to go back and try the cd door just one more time.  So, I did...and guess what... it still didn't open (LOL).  I asked the manager how much would she sell the system for even though one part was not functioning.  Another clerk said $7.99.  As I pondered, she said $4.99 and that's my final offer.  I said, "cool, I'll take it."

As little kids my brother and I were always taking stuff apart (him more than me-just in case Mom is reading this post-lol).  I guess it finally paid off.  I got the system home and got out my tools.  I unscrewed the side panel to discover a reletively clean piece of equipment.  I still gave it a few sprays of my air in a can dust remover.  Then I manually pushed the cd changer door open and removed a cracked cd and a fragment of another one.  The cd was the Back Street Boys-the group spit and so did the cd. hahahaha  All parts of the system work just fine.  Now when I am crafting I can see the time, listen to the radio or books on cd/tape, and play all those cassettes I still have.  Some things I am just not going to change completely. (LOL)

Ironically, as I was preparing the previous equipment to donate to the thrift store; I noticed a price tag on the speakers were from the same store where I had purchased the RCA system.  Soon and very soon I just may stumble across an i-pod at the thrift store.  Ya think?


Old or New?

Perhaps King Solomon was just feeling blue and looking with his human eyes and thinking with his finite mind when he penned Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun

We can name many new discoveries since the time of Solomon, however, one thing that isn't new under the sun is RECYCLING.  It is the "in thing" now.  Some entities are even making a lot of money; recycling is now a thriving business.  The term may have not always existed, but the idea of taking one thing and using it for something different is as old as the leaves on the trees.  In fact, nature always re-used the leaves on the trees.  When the green leaves turned colors and fell to the ground the ground accepted them as nutrients and grew even greener the next season.  Today we call that fertilizer or mulch.

I reused this make up bag and my Crop-A-Dile hole punch to make ribbon storage.

A sheet set came in this plastic bag that was also used to make see through ribbon storage.

Maybe in his blue funk Solomon was right...after all we humans are just doing what nature has always done.  Recycling materials is fun, money and earth saving.  Try it!


One man's trash...

...truly is another man's treasure.  I found this 7 gypsies ATC holder (still in the box) at my local thrift store for the wonderful price of......drum roll please...........$2.50!   Whoo Hooo!

Other thrift store finds...
         bird cage ribbon storage

Hmmmmmm, what can an old record album rack be used for in crafting? 

Scrapbook album storage!  After all; an album rack, is an album rack, is an album rack. (lol)

  • Wine holder wire rack used for acrylic paints
  • Some sort of carrousel caddy used for art journaling supplies
  • Silverware wire caddy used for sponge brush storage.  The basket weaved black elastic fiber that was used to decorate this caddy was also found in a thrift store.  It was a whole spool for $1. 

Tie rack embellishment storage. 

I do not recall the exact prices, but all of these items were under $2.00.  Can you believe that on one visit I even found brand new cuttle bug embossing folders and a fiskars paper crimper.   Jack pot!

Thrift store shopping reminds me that though the world may sometimes see us with all our mistakes as trash; the heavenly Father sees HIS followers as treasures!


Nobody told me...

...that going camping with my niece's Girl Scout troop would make me feel so old. See, I come from an era when we really had to rough it. We did not have a campsite with buildings, cafeteria and shower facilities. When did cots replace sleeping bags? And when did telling stories and singing songs around the campfire become passe. O.k. so the girls did make smores, but after that they were no longer interested in hanging around the campfire.

Well this was too much for me to digest. I stood alone by the fire yelling into the night air: "You mean yall are going to bed?" "And the chaperones are o.k. with this?" "Aren't we going to sing songs? play games? tell stories?" "Helooooooo is anyone home...."

I was not a happy camper (pun intended). I retired to my tent with my gruop of girls and the fun began. We learned songs and hand games. We got kinda loud giggling and telling stories; and one by one girls from other tents began to come in to join the fun. Soon the tent that was designed to sleep 7 was full to capacity with about 14 girls. They were laughing and having fun. It wasn't totally like the old days, but nostalgic none the less.

I learned that sometimes the old way of doing things still works and that it is a greater distance to the ground than it used to be. (LOL)


God's love is the key to my heart...

These chipboard album covers were done for a swap on the Scraps of Color site. I didn't know how I wanted to decorate the album covers. It turned out somewhat vintage.

I covered the heart with archival misted bible pages. I have had this ripped up bible since high school. I just couldn't get rid of it, so I decided to use it as art. I trust that God will be pleased. Trimmed the front cover with tulle and lace. The embellishments all represent some things that I love: cross iron on, music brad, poetry tag, drama mask charm, Shimmer misted book page-flowers, stick pin-made with beads from stash, and pearls. Sentiment(s): "All that we love deeply becomes a part of us." Helen Keller and "Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves."

On the back: various heart diecuts cut from the left over tags that I used on my actual page for the swap, smooched lace heart, cross dimensional sticker, lock and key brads, pearls. The butterfly represents my change and growth. The metal heart tag holder is made from ornament holders that I purchased after Christmas at Target. The tags are pictures of DIVA-licious ME and my house. There is a feel good story about my house; those who know me also know why I chose to display it on the tag.
God's love and sacrifice truly is the key to my heart.

The front of the page I sent for the swap

The back of the page


Are they listening?

We got a lot of snow the other day. I was content to stay locked inside and dig out later. Especially when the folks who were knocking on the door offering to shovel my driveway were adult men and women and asking for way too much money. I guess it is a sign of hard times. Gone are the days when the neighborhood kids did that sort of thing. I can remember raking leaves, cutting grass, shoveling snow and planting gardens. I digress...So, I am sitting at my desk pretending to work when I hear this scraping noise outside the window. I go to look and it is some of the neighborhood kids shoveling Miss Tina's driveway. I was moved to tears. I was especially moved when I saw a little 4 year old with his baby shovel helping.

I have been telling these kids for three years that we are a community and we need to care about each other. Everything is not always about money. When you see Ms. Mary across the street carrying groceries or dragging her trash can to the curb--HELP HER. I was not sure if they were listening. Still, I kept encouraging them to show love to our neighbors. So after they built 2 snow forts and had several snowball fights they decided to shovel my driveway.

I bundled up and went outside to thank them. I used my wheelchair so I could help too (can't lift the snow while standing). I could not run, so they took that as a moment to flood me with snowballs. They loved getting Miss Tina wet...quiet as it is kept, I had fun too.

I invited them in for cookies and hot chocalate. Over our snack I learned that they had helped a couple of neighbors a few times washing cars and cutting grass. And that they decided on their own to help me that day. Whoo Hooo!

Well I am thankful that they are getting the idea of being connected as a community. It was all fun and games until someone spilled hot chocolate...of course they cleaned it up. Aren't there laws about child labor (LOL)
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