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Ain't I a Woman
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One came back...

I hosted a craft Pass-it-party for a group of neighborhood children.  They were to make cards for Mother's Day.  I was feeling frustrated when the children arrived with unsigned activity registration forms, late, unfed, hungry and thirsty.  There were several class interruptions by latecomers, and the really young children who all wanted to come to the party.  I had explained in detail that the event was for the 9-12 year olds and that there would be a future event for the 5-8 year olds.  I also stressed that the registration form had to be filled out completely.  Sadly, I had to turn away several crying children.  All I can do is provide the service, parents still have to follow the directions and do their part.  Unfortunately, the children are caught in the middle.  Pass-it-on parties are NOT free childcare, they are classes.  Education in a party setting.

Fast forward to Mother's Day.  I was sitting outside soaking up the sun.  I was feeling sort of lonely and just plain old BLAH!  I couldn't really get into the book I had carried with me to read.  So, I was just watching the birds, bugs and bees.  You know making sure the grass was growing straight. (LOL)  Then kids started to come outside.  One little boy came down the street and said hello.   He had been one of the pass-it-on party goers.  He proceeded to tell me how much his mom liked her card. How she picked one of the flowers from the front of the card right away revealing "I will help by taking out the trash."  The BLAH's went away immediately.  It all seemed worth it, because one came back.  Ironically, this child had made a pot holder also the week before.  During that party his attitude was so challenging.  I wanted to kick him out of my studio so badly.  By the grace of God, I hung in there and so did he.  I told him I was very proud of him and hoped to see him at a future pass-it-on party.

At the craft party the children were very creative.  All of the cards were different.  They did a great job spelling the sentiment inside.  They were clever in coming up with chores to help with.   The children were even practicing their delivery lines " Mom, this is for you..."   I was chuckling to myself as I watched them.  Then I was awed by their response to the little certificates of completion I gave them.  Their faces lit up as they read "Great Job, you took the leap (picture of frog)..."  They each had smiles and looks of victory on their faces.  They actually made a bigger fuss over those certificates than they did over the favor bags they received.  And those were filled with toys, games and candy.

A chore was written on the back of each flower

Someone reported that their Mom picked all three flowers in just one day

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All the materials used in this project are from the Teen Queen stash.


  1. Oh Tina! You are an angel! Those kids are so lucky to have are their Moms! lol I love hearing what you've been up to! Thank you for sharing, my friend! :o)

  2. What a lovely activity. I love that and wish I'd been as creative when my boys were little - they would have enjoyed it..maybe not the chore but making the craft and presenting it to me for Mother's Day would have been fun for them. You're such a sweetie! I hope the blahs went out of Mother's Day! :-)


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