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I was wondering does the word verification on the comment section really cut down on spam comments?  I changed that setting in an attempt to make it easier for folks to leave comments.  So far no spam. Perhaps it's just me, but whenever I attempt to leave a comment on some blogs I have to go through the word verification process 3 times.  Silly me, I thought this was normal.  No wonder I built up a distaste for leaving comments-duh.  Now that I know that it should only take one try, I have been trying to figure out why I have been having so much difficulty.  Disclaimer:  I do not leave many comments anyway.  Yes, I am guilty of being a book marker, lurker, looker, secret service blogerita (LOL)  However, today...during this long weekend...I finally sat down to go through all the blogs I am following.  This time I purposed to leave comments and not just be a lurker (lol)  Well wouldn't you know it...I tried on 4 different blogs to leave comments, but I could not.  I am guessing there is a glitch with blogger.  So, uhhh...what to do?

Katie: I see no more tears on that art journal page.  Great work!  I missed the show last night, but cute piggy.

Nancy: Very creative to use hot air balloons for parachutes.  Clever!  Jumping out of planes is truly an adventure. (lol) How wonderful for you to see your girls living life!

Karen:  Lovely cards. It is easy to hoard our work, but that is great advice to give it all away!

Angela:  Loving the book of me challenge.  The teacups were awesome and so was the doily.

Ladies, I enjoyed your posts over the last couple of days.  For now I guess I will keep moving forward and looking, perhaps when I make time to leave comments in the future blogger will be functioning properly.   Sorry ladies...ArteDar/'re next on the list so here I come.

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  1. Hi Tina! Thanks so much for trying and then for leaving me a sweet comment here! Yes...blogger is broken!! lol I finally figured out that if I unchecked my "stay signed in" option that my blogger would work for me. See if that helps you! I hope they fix it soon it's been a bit of a frustration! :o)


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