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Ain't I a Woman
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I did it!

I finally have a new man in my life...his name is Dugan.  He worships the ground I walk on and follows me everywhere.  He is a three year old shih-poo.  I toiled with the decision whether to get a dog or not for the past three years.  I had to consider my chronic pain, pet allergies, limited finances...and of course new carpet (LOL).  I wanted to be a good doggie parent.  I have lived in my current home for three years I have had ups and downs with my health, but overall I have been so blessed.  My needs have always been met and my space is well maintained.  I needed to stop worrying and just trust that if God brought a dog to me that He would give me ALL that  I needed to care for the dog.  So, now that the novelty of new carpet has worn off (lol) I took the plunge and allowed myself to be open to whatever God had planned for me.  When I prayed to God about a dog I asked for a free, female, little pocket book sized dog, and the means to care for the dog properly.  When I least expected it, God sent me a free, male, breadbox sized dog...and I trust all will go well in the care department.  How was that for scripture in action...
The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps. NASB

Dugan resting

Nap time being interrupted by
 an excited new pet owner

Dugan was given to me by a friend of a friend who has to move and give away her pets.  It was a bittersweet situation for her and her family to find a home for Dugan.  My heart and prayers go out to them. 

I feel so blessed.  I love him already.  Getting a dog in this situation may be ideal for me.  Originally, I wanted a puppy, but Dugan is already house broken, car and crate trained.  In just 1 day he has learned to walk on a leash pretty well.  He is so smart.  I am glad that he listens and I anticipate the adjustment going smoothly.  Heck, I might need more time than he does-hahaha.  Dugan immediately took to the kids in the neighborhood.  On the first day I brought him home a swarm of kids came running down the street squealing "...a dog, Miss Tina has a dog!"  Then Dugan was loving all the kisses, pats and hugs that the children were bestowing upon him.  Somehow I think the petting sessions will be a daily routine-lol. 

CUTE, cute, cute!

He and I are off to a great start.  Now, I see why people always talk about their pets so much.  In just three days I have taken and e-mailed so many pictures.  I captured his first trip to the pet store, first bath, and of course his first visit to my craft room.  My friend in Arizona volunteered to get him a doggie bed.  Since he follows me to every room of the house...I got to thinking that he will NEED a bed in every room (bedroom, office, living room, craft room) lol.  So, at 2 a.m. in the morning I was searching the Internet for 'make your own' doggie bed tutorials.  I couldn't find a large enough remnant piece of fabric for the pattern I liked most.  I made a fleece pillow/bed just to tide him over until my pal sends his doggie bed.  Thanks to Helen for giving me the idea!

Thanks for letting me rant about my new family member.  Don't get comfortable...this will not be the last time I talk about him-LOL  So, will love it and learn to ohhh and ahhh an the appropriate times in my stories-hahaha.

Embroidered with his name

Checking out new bed


  1. Oh Tina...congratulations on the new man in your life! I'm very happy for you, my friend! I look forward to many more postings of your developing relationship! lol He is adorable!! It sounds like it's off to a beautiful start! :o)

  2. Tina he is SOOOO cute! Well now I have to hurry up and get a car so I can visit my new dog-nephew. Oh...and you, too.

  3. cute puppy have fun with him and good luck on keeping the carpet clean.

  4. Congrats on the new family member!! He's too cute! I'm looking forward to seeing your first LO of Mr.Dugan!


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