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Ain't I a Woman
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RAK for neighborhood kids

I made a bunch of these dogs for the kids in my neighborhood.  I used brown and tan cardstock.  Under the ear it says "Have a nice day!" with a smiley face sticker.  There is a tic-tac-toe game under the other ear.  The inside is filled with silly bands.  The back has a little blurb about sharing and giving.  The children have been doing really good about helping the neighbors with little things like putting away trash cans, picking up paper etc.  They have a lot to learn about community and doing the right thing just because and not only when they are prompted by someone else.  I just want to keep them encouraged.

The back says:

No matter what you have you can always share it
The heart that you have when you give to others
Is like the heart that God has when He gives to you
Only His heart is BIGGER!
When you give something, do not expect anything in return
Just give because you want to show someone love
Give because God says it’s the right thing to do
Miss Teen Teen

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  1. You are just the sweetest thing Tina! I bet they were thrilled to receive these from you! Nothing like showing by example! Thanks for sharing! :o)


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