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Cooking 'Pass It On' party

The name is just what it says: I plan and host parties and 'pass on' my knowledge to the participants.  The themes include many creative subjects like cooking, sewing, writing, acting, scrapbooking, jewelry making, crotcheting, etc.  About 10 children were invited to a cooking pass it on party.  I try to incorporate some subject related craft and storytelling as a part of each party.  This time the children made chef hats.  After telling the story of "Stone Soup" the children made a big batch of soup.  I never saw children eat so much soup.  When they kept asking for more I thought it was a scene from 'Oliver Twist' (lol).  I had to empty out all the take home containers to accommodate the requests for more, so the parents didn't get to taste the soup. 

The childern worked in pairs and made lemon meringue pies.  Good thing I anticipated the challenge that separating the egg yolks from the egg whites would cause.  I had several cartons on hand.  After a few tries and being patient each group was successful.  Their faces lit up as they took the pies out of the oven.  They were proud of themselves and I was proud of them too.

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  1. How fantastic! However, this post made me incredibly HUNGRY!! lol I must go find something to eat! Too bad I can't reach in and grab one of those yummy looking pies! :o)


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