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Kraft envelopes...sort of

Kraft cardstock is one of my favorites right now.  It is so misunderstood somtimes, but simply the term 'Kraft' refers to the color.  Different companies sell the paper and the matching envelopes.  Cardmakers love that! It is also good for online shoppers.  However, I like to go in the store a get my purchases right away.  Yes, I guess my behavior is another notch in my 'rebelling using technology' 'hesitant to change' belts. LOL  If you only knew how long it took me to actually start would understand just how long I toiled with stepping into cyber world. 
So, uhhh...back to kraft cardstock.  Since I love making cards using kraft cardstock and I like buying my paper locally; I also wanted some inexpensive envelopes to match.  Well I couldn't find them.  So out of necessity grew creativity.  Now, I had previously used parchment and wrapping paper to make envelopes.  Back in the ancient days before the popularity of score boards and envelope makers it was customary to trace old envelopes or measure and draw your own templates. To match my cards I started using the brown roll of craft paper.   The kind used to cover tables or to wrap packages.  It also comes in white and other colors; it is available in office supply stores.  Teachers use it for bulliten boards.  I liked using the paper, but it was a bit thin.  I had to be very careful not to tear the paper when I scored it. 

Then I found this paper that construction workers use sort of like a drop cloth. It is a bit thicker and it matches the kraft paper very nicely.  The roll is large and has lasted me a long time so far.  You can find it in the paint section of home improvement stores near the plastic drop cloths or in department stores.  I brought a roll for my friend who is kraft paper crazy too.  lol

I still use paper bags to make envelopes when I want that wrinkily, vintage look. 

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  1. Great tips Tina! I love the paper bag envelopes! They would be so sturdy and they look fantastic! You reminded me that I have a roll of kraft paper somewhere! It was for wrapping parcels to mail! I wonder where I put it? lol Thanks very much!...Nancy :o)


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