Ain't I a Woman

Ain't I a Woman
Pearl of Great Price


I had to have it!

There was this teacher I was a TA for at a Creating Keepsakes Convention.  I have tried, but I cannot recall her name.  When I went to visit her vendor booth she was ranting and raving about this embellishment storage.  She was so excited.  I think her voice even went up an whole octave lol.  I thought the gadget was pretty neat too. 
When I got home I googled the "Clip-it-up".  I was loving the product, but it was out of my budget.  Then I stumbled across a video showing you how to make your own.  I gathered the supplies and I created my own version. I used a paper towel holder, wire rings from an old lampshade, paper clips and minature clothes pins.
This worked so well that I made another one using s-hooks for my decorative edge scissors.

About a year later a friend of mine (thanks Helen) introduced me to dangler clips.  I talked my brother into removing all those paper clips (tee hee he never knew what hit him). Then I replaced the paper clips with the dangler clips for a sturdier product.  I like the results.
My homemade embellishment storage.  It doesn't spin around, but I love it and the cost!


  1. Fantastic! How did you fasten the lampshade to the papertowel holder? I had thought about making one of these but I have a rotating pegboard stand and with all the other pegboard I have I found I haven't needed one...yet! lol I have some pictures on my blog under the label "Oranization". Those dangler clips are great! It's fun to see your scrapping supplies! :o)

  2. if you'd like it to rotate set it on a lazy susan. Wal-mart has them for the cheap. QP


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