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Ain't I a Woman
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What a deal...

Do you recall a time when we didn't have voice mail?  I can remember when my University got voice mail and I, in rebellion, still used my answering machine.  For some reason I just didn't like the 'new' technology.  I mean I had a high tech DIGITAL answering machine, not the old kind with the cassette tape. (LMBO) Well, finally I gave in and  embraced the voice mail system.  Today I really like voice mail.  you would think that after that lesson, I would be more willing to adopt new technology.  NOT! I still have the old school clunky audio equipment in my craft room.  Growing up I learned that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"  A receiver, tape deck, cd changer, and clock radio were working just fine in my craft room. 

Even though all these components take up a lot of space, they still work.  I just happen to be in my local thrift store where I saw this RCA cd changer/radio/cassette tape player system.  It was marked $24.99.  So, it wasn't an i-pod, but it was more up to date than what I had.  Unfortunately, the cd changer door wouldn't open.  The manager tried to help and said that it was opening previously.  She concluded that it must be stuck and that she would't sell it that way.  As I was leaving the store, I was prompted to go back and try the cd door just one more time.  So, I did...and guess what... it still didn't open (LOL).  I asked the manager how much would she sell the system for even though one part was not functioning.  Another clerk said $7.99.  As I pondered, she said $4.99 and that's my final offer.  I said, "cool, I'll take it."

As little kids my brother and I were always taking stuff apart (him more than me-just in case Mom is reading this post-lol).  I guess it finally paid off.  I got the system home and got out my tools.  I unscrewed the side panel to discover a reletively clean piece of equipment.  I still gave it a few sprays of my air in a can dust remover.  Then I manually pushed the cd changer door open and removed a cracked cd and a fragment of another one.  The cd was the Back Street Boys-the group spit and so did the cd. hahahaha  All parts of the system work just fine.  Now when I am crafting I can see the time, listen to the radio or books on cd/tape, and play all those cassettes I still have.  Some things I am just not going to change completely. (LOL)

Ironically, as I was preparing the previous equipment to donate to the thrift store; I noticed a price tag on the speakers were from the same store where I had purchased the RCA system.  Soon and very soon I just may stumble across an i-pod at the thrift store.  Ya think?


  1. Wow Tina!! You are truly the bargain Queen!! Another wonderful story! I love it! I just might have to run to the thrift store next time I'm in the City! :o)

  2. I am so jealous! I hold on to faith that I will find something to play my mixed tapes in before they disintegrate, lol!


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