Ain't I a Woman

Ain't I a Woman
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A young crafter's first scrap booking haul

So, I say to my niece," got a really good haul at the crop today.  Those ladies were so kind to give you all those supplies."  I explained to her what a haul was.  I told her that it was such a big deal in scrap world that folks took pictures and made videos of what they purchased.  She responded, "And you are telling me this because?   Aunt Teen Teen, you are too hyped."  Okay, I admit my excitement over all her goodies didn't match hers.   That is until I told her we could dump it all out and spead it over the table.  She shrieked, "I love spreading stuff out and playing in it!  That's what I do when me and mommy go shopping"
Stencils, stamps (way more than what I started with), inks, glue runner and refill, stickers, rub ons, ribbon, beads, sanding file, scrapfolio, 12 x 12 paper.  She was eager to organize all her stuff and label the sections of her Scrapfolio (expanding file).  She put all her stencils in a 3 ring binder.  Then she created a shopping list for me:  Exacto swivel knife, stamp scrubber pad and stamp cleaner.  How did I get signed up for this job?  LOL

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  1. LOL...YAY for your niece! How fun is that?! I'm so excited for her! There are some goodies in there that I would like to borrow! What a lucky girl...she is well on her way! :o)


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