Ain't I a Woman

Ain't I a Woman
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Nobody told me...

...that going camping with my niece's Girl Scout troop would make me feel so old. See, I come from an era when we really had to rough it. We did not have a campsite with buildings, cafeteria and shower facilities. When did cots replace sleeping bags? And when did telling stories and singing songs around the campfire become passe. O.k. so the girls did make smores, but after that they were no longer interested in hanging around the campfire.

Well this was too much for me to digest. I stood alone by the fire yelling into the night air: "You mean yall are going to bed?" "And the chaperones are o.k. with this?" "Aren't we going to sing songs? play games? tell stories?" "Helooooooo is anyone home...."

I was not a happy camper (pun intended). I retired to my tent with my gruop of girls and the fun began. We learned songs and hand games. We got kinda loud giggling and telling stories; and one by one girls from other tents began to come in to join the fun. Soon the tent that was designed to sleep 7 was full to capacity with about 14 girls. They were laughing and having fun. It wasn't totally like the old days, but nostalgic none the less.

I learned that sometimes the old way of doing things still works and that it is a greater distance to the ground than it used to be. (LOL)


  1. I'm with you Tina! Campfire is the BEST! They weren't interested? Really? I'm so glad you turned them all around in the end! Sounds like another really fun time! :o)

  2. I'm glad you were there too, Tina! You opened their eyes to real fun and great memories to talk about next time!


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