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Ain't I a Woman
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Altered file folder record keeper

My dog, Dugan, has been a great addition to my life.  I record information about him.   I use a tag, but I ran out of space after having him for more than a year.  I wanted to make a log for keeping his records.  I started him on a new eating plan in an effort to pinpoint the source of his allergies.  The vet has been expensive and not really helpful.  So, I am resorting to my own troubleshooting and home remedies; documenting is very important to this process.  
This is an altered file folder album that I made. 

Painted, collaged and misted cover flap

There are 4 big panels and one small panel to write information.  Also there is a tag and pocket.

 I may add another pocket. I do like the informal feel of the paperclips.

I feel better after making this new record keeper.  I hope Dugan stops itching soon.  And that I find out what is causing his allergies.  He is really loving the food I am making for him, but I think he misses his treats.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.


  1. Tina I like your file folder. I like making things that are practical and useful and this is one of them. I am a follower. Come check out my blog when you get a chance.

  2. Tina... wonderful idea. The folder is great! My Manuel itched horribly for a couple of days when I changed his food a few months ago. He could not even sleep, which means that I did not sleep either. All the best with discovering what is causing Dugan's allergies. (By the way, Manuel hates all the dog food that I buy for him. His vet allows me to mix it with rice. Dugan's fortunate to have you cooking for him... he's fortunate to have you!)


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