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I am taking an online class called Mining Your Muse, taught by Barb Owen.  I have been watching  her USTREAM  shows for a while now.  I love her voice and there is so much inspiration among the chat and the show.  I have met some great  people and wonderful artists online.  So, on the quest to find my creative mojo-MUSE, if you will, we made a map to go in our muse finding tool box.  The map resulted in this:


Today my muse is a ballet dancer.  My always in pain and heavy body will not permit me to be a dancer, but in my heart I am most graceful and will always be a dancer.  Who cares that I can only get on point in my aqua yoga class- in the pool I AM a ballerina. (lol) So, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade...I am a DRAMATIST...the next best thing to a dancer.  (LOL)  I made this muse along with Barb as she was giving instructions.  I can see all the crooked lines, jagged cuts, wonky body shapes, and glue seepage, but there are no mistakes in parer crafting!  I cannot wait to make another one, or even sew one.  Barb this is a great class, my heart is so full and my spirit is so inspired to just play.  Thanks for the push and the inspiration.

Dugan thinks he is my muse sitting here on the sheet of newsprint paper I put down on my office desk as my work surface. (lol)  He jumps on the desk like a cat.  He was really good during the class (went to sleep on my feet), but as soon as class was over he was anxious to get up on the desk.  Gotta luv 'em.


Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.


  1. Awesome Tina!!! Love your ballerina muse!!

  2. Tina your muse is AWESOME! Love every bit of it.

  3. This class sounds interesting and your muse is hot.:-)
    In my heart I am a supermodel with glorious hair and shiny white teeth.heh heh.Should make one like this for myself too.

  4. Tina I love your dancer, she is awesome. I also am taking Barbs class, I had to miss today and still have to make my muse LOL be working on it this evening. Thank you for sharing. See ya in class, i hope LOL
    Sue - grammyof6


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