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Hello blogger friends. I was invited to a baby shower recently. So, I finally tried my hand at making a diaper cake. Boy was it fun! I am already gathering items to make more. I now see why other crafters sell diaper cakes for such a large sum. The cost of the baby items can add up really fast. But the look on the face of the gift recipient was priceless. I just love giving gifts!

The teacher in me came to the surface as I created a 'Basket 'o' Books' for a baby shower gift. I wanted the little tyke to be well read. Plus, I wanted the first time parents to know what it will sound like to constantly hear "read it again!" I had a great time making and giving these gifts. The baby shower hostess was making a scrapbook for the baby. So, with primitive tools in hand, I even got to make a scrapbook page at the baby shower. Ok, alright already, I made TWO pages. Ok...and I also asked to have some embellishments to make a page at home. Confession is good for the soul.

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  1. Tina......these are soooo BEAUTIFUL!!!! You were on the ball, girlfriend! Even made scrapbook pages at the baby shower!! In my opinion, loving things like what you did add a special touch and delight to the party.

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. You are such an inspiration! :-)


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