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Ain't I a Woman
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I don't remember being bored as a child...

Nowadays children always say that they are bored. I do not recall ever being bored growing up. O.k. so maybe boredom is a possibility, but there is ALWAYS something to do. Sometimes kids just need a little guidance. For goodness sake...they do not come out the womb knowing what they like. Older people have to expose them to various things. Long gone are the days when every school had classes for art, sewing, mechanical drawing, woodworking, metal shop and home economics.

I believe all of us have a responsibility to 'pass on' what we know to others. One way I do this is by hosting gatherings or 'Pass it on' parties where attendees can have fun learning a skill like cooking, acting, sewing, crafting or writing while building communication skills, creativity, collaboration ability, and confidence.

This was not a scheduled gathering. When these three girls insisted that they had nothing to do, I found myself hosting an impromptu drama party. They were urged to use their imaginations...and boy did they! They wrote an original skit, and used props and costumes (I keep baskets of found items and old clothes on hand). They performed beautifully and had hours of fun. Then we made and ate a delicious dinner-does that count as a cooking 'pass it on' party? lol


  1. That was an awesome idea. Children are so consumed with video games and tv; sometimes we have to teach them how to CREATE fun. I'm glad these children have you in their lives!!


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