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I recently hosted a stick pin swap on the SOC(Scraps of Color) .ning site. The theme was Spring, but we could do anything goes.  I used a happy face silver bead, dragonfly button and a heart topped pin.   

So, I am in the thrift store looking for deals and inspiration.  My online buddy, Sharon, has already planted the idea of using a doll to package the pins (She is a part of this swap too).  I was thinking find four little dolls as a prize for the group that mailed their pins first. I had looked at some cool pin cushions, but they were too costly for my budget.  Then I see this sign above the stuffed animal bin: "1 bag for $1.00-See store associate for bag."  I think hmmmmm...I can afford to get one for all 20 of the swap participants.  I picked out 20 and then asked the store associate for a bag.  At first he told me that the stuffed animals were sold individually.  After I asked him to check and make sure, he came back with this recycle size garbage bag.  I was like wow...are you sure this is the right bag?  He insisted that it was the correct one.  So, I kept digging and looking and getting ideas for the kids in my neighborhood, prizes for outdoor games etc.  I mean, I couldn't let a whole bag go unfilled (lol)  Finally, I thought there was no way I needed that many stuffed animals.  Well, I have my 20+ mini stuffed animals (most of them beanie babies).  And people are starting to buzz around a once deserted table.  I tell others about the great deal and they all ask for bags too.  Just as I was walking away, another associate came towards me yelling "Miss!  Miss!   That is the wrong bag."  I disappointingly turned around and asked for the correct bag.  When she brought it out I was expecting some terribly miniature bag, that wouldn't fit four beanie babies let alone the 40 or so I had picked out.  To my surprise, thankfully all of my selection still fit in the bag with a little room to spare.  Whoo hooo!

I packaged the pins in these mini stuffed animals.  That way all the swappers would have a pin cushion of sorts.  This was a fun swap to host..


  1. Tina, you are so awesome! I just love my pins you created - they are so unique! I love the cute little stuffed animal you provided with it - very clever! You are the first person to be so wonderful at communicating your swap; the requirements, what's going on and shipping - kudos to you for organizing a perfect swap!! Love ya!

  2. Wow!! More than 40 stuffed animals for $1? Is that right? Now that's the deal of the day for sure! Your pins are so pretty but don't you think your poor animals have a headache? lol They're the cutest pincushions and it's a fantastic idea! You're neighbor kids are also in for some sweet surprises, aren't they?!...Nancy :o)

  3. This was a cool story Tina. I am beginning to think you have discount store "favor"! Keep up the good shopping.

    Believe it or not I do need a pin cushion :-)



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