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Ain't I a Woman
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Thanks to my online friends

These are a couple of greeting cards that I received from my online friends recently.  When I first receive cards (RAK's, swap thank you's, gifts)  I have them displayed on my dining room table.  When the kids in my neighborhood stop by that is the first thing they see.  They admire the cards and gifts just like I do.  They are always so amazed when I tell them what states the items came from and that I have never met these ladies or men in person.  The other day a little boy asked me "Miss Tina, why do people who don't know you give you must be because you are a good citizen..."  How thoughtful was that!  ( I was just going to say because folks are kind and want to do nice things) I took that as a teaching moment...helping them to realize that their hearts and actions can go far beyond their front yards.  And that they, too were good citizens, friends, and neighbors.

I love how the generosity and thoughtfulness of my online friends has blessed me and brightened my days.  I am so grateful that your kindness reached beyond me to a wonderful bunch of kids.  What a wonderful gift, to be a vessel in the pay it forward journey.  My friend Angie instructs her blog viewers to 'craft it forward'...and that is what we are all doing.  Love it! 

I have not captured it in pictures, but I am sooooooooooo honored and thankful for my online buddies who send me e-mails and leave comments.  I look forward to those words of inspiration, encouragement and affirmation.  In my mind those are gifts too.  I truly appreciate all the various expressions of love. Warm fuzzy!

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  1. How very sweet, Tina. You certainly have a good heart and it shows through in your blogging efforts! Look, even the kidlets know it! ;-)


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