Ain't I a Woman

Ain't I a Woman
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The Hippity Hoppity Blog Hop

Hey Folks!  Thanks for stopping by to see what is going on.  I hope you have a chance to come back tomorrow, April 16th, for the blog hop. 

Some may be wondering "What the heck is a blog hop?"  Blog hop, also known as blog hopping, is to move from one blog to another to read the entries or to leave comments.  Sounds serious huh? LOL  In scrapworld it is a great way to view various projects, possibly learn new techniques and celebrate other artists.   Also, by doing a blog hop one can discover new blogs, meet new people,  and be inspired.  Oh yeah, and sometimes there are giveaways too. Whooo Hooo!

The Hippity Hoppity Blog Hop is sponsored by the Altered Page (check out the link on the left of this page)
And you guessed it...Hippity Hoppity is the name and the theme is EASTER!

Yall come back, ya hear!

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