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So my car had to be towed and that meant I couldn't run around to stores to get the supplies to do this last minute request for wedding favors.  When I procured a ride to the craft store I knew I had to buy everything during that one trip.  I looked up and saw this favor tin kit.  I thought wow all I have to do is use the online template to add a picture and a sentiment.  Easy peasy right?  Well....NOOOOTTTTT!!!!  Two and a half hours and several test sheets later I still could not get the sentiment to line up on the circle labels.  I was so frustrated.  The internet was loaded with comments about how the template didn't work and how disgusted folks were with this product.  I just stepped away from my computer and came up with another idea.  Here is what I came up with:

thankfully I had already purchased the mints

I made my own circle labels to put on the bottom

A stickled butterfly for the top

Necessity really does breed creativity...and so does having deadlines lol
What was supposed to be a simple project that only took a couple of hours ended up taking all day.  The bride was so pleased with the favors...whew!
Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.

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  1. Just like they say, when it rains, it pours! You did a great job with those favors though! Very nice!


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