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Drawing faces

When I was younger I would always draw animals, but sometimes I would draw people.   I mostly drew movie stars, singers and famous people from magazines and books.  The people I drew from my mind were often comical, cartoon like and whimsical.  My mother taught me how to do that.  As I do and view more mixed media pieces I really wanted to learn how to draw faces.  I even called my brother.  I recall him taking art in school and I can remember seeing many portraits he drew. I think my brother is a good artist and if we just didn't have to make money to survive he might have pursued his art more.  Well, as it turns out he couldn't recall much from his drawing days(LOL).  Still he gave me a few verbal pointers.  I was telling him that I knew nothing about shading, drawing hair or drawing ethnic faces and couldn't seem to find that much help online.  Nothing that I drew looked like me.  Here is my first attempt:

I just grabbed a lined note pad from my office...

My Caucasian cousin

Then I stopped being lazy and went ALL the way on the other side of the house to the craft room and got a sketch pad (LOL-the house is not that big) 

My second attempt has a kind of Latina feel...

 My third attempt looks African American to me.  YAY! 
This looked like a little boy until I added the hair.
I just had to add cowry shells to her headband.

I wish I could afford to take art classes, being self taught has it's drawbacks.  I look forward to learning and practicing.  I have so much to learn.  I really am thankful to those who put tutorials online: Jay French and Milliande were the two artist that gave me assistance and guidance.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.


  1. I remember trying to draw faces when I was in school. They definitely improved with practice! lol I had classmates that would sit and doodle out these incredible masterpieces time after time and I would ask if I could keep them. I still have them and I'm sure they have gone on to be famous, so I'll have to cash in on these doodles one day! lol Another option is to check your local library. There are some great books available! :o)

  2. Did my comment mention how great your faces were? lol I love your drawings, Tina! :o)

  3. Tan has a free class on willowing and friends. I watched it and started drawing again!
    Your faces look great; the last one is especially good. Looks like you got serious for that one! ;D

  4. You did good...thanks for visiting my blog...


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