Ain't I a Woman

Ain't I a Woman
Pearl of Great Price


If I could have used duct tape...

...I would have. (LOL) I am getting ready to make my holiday batch of Chai Tea.  I grind all the ingredients up in my Magic Bullet.  Wouldn't you know it...the magic bullet broke.  What ever shall I do...I have requests to fill...folks are expecting Teen Teen's chai tea.  

As it turns out many folks have had the plastic gear on the base of the Magic Bullet to break.  There were so many negative comments about the company online.  Well, my machine was a gift and I have had no problems before. Like a typical crafter, I tried to glue the broken piece back together.

Yeah, uhhh...that didn't work.

I went online again and found a fix for the problem, because folks were commenting that there was so much red tape to get replacement parts from the manufacturer and that the parts were expensive.  I was so frustrated when I trying to get the darn thing unscrewed.  I was determined to fix it!  I solicited help from my girlfriend " hold this nut while I screw.."  The thing wouldn't budge.  After two days of trying, I trekked out to the shed in the cold, uphill both ways, barefoot...oh that's is the wrong story...LOL.  I found some WD-40. 
Viola!  It worked. 

I guess I should mention that the directions online said to turn the screw counterclockwise....NOT!!!  The screw needed to be turned clockwise while holding the nut in place.  I was following the directions at first, but then that summer of engineering school physics class kicked  in (Thanks Mr. Pomeroy) and I figured out which way everything had to go.  By then I had tightened the screw even tighter.  At any rate...I have a fixed Magic Bullet and now I can hopefully make lots of tea. 

This better be the best tea ever!

 Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.

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