Ain't I a Woman

Ain't I a Woman
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Pleasant interruptions

I had planned on staying in all day and doing work around the house.  You know like busy work, cleaning and uhhhh CRAFTING perhaps (LOL) Then comes a knock on the door.  It was the little guy from next door asking if he could come to my house.  His G'mom (my neighbor) said it was ok.   

As soon as He put on the apron he exclaimed Hey Miss Tina, We're chefs! We sure are baby, I replied.  He wanted to make something to share with the other kids when they got home from school.  I had to scramble to find ingredients to make something.  At first we were making rice crispy treats, but the marshmallows did not melt-they were stale-perfect for cocoa (lol).  So we made peanut butter pie instead ( eggs required).  The neighborhood kids loved it and this little guy lit up when I told them that he made it.  The next day I took his second pie to his grandparents.  They loved his creation.

So after that, back to my original plans.  Later that day another knock comes:  Miss Tina can we borrow your table and some poster board, we want to sell lemonade? Another neighbor had given them a can of frozen concentrate lemonade.  After asking them a few questions:  Do you have cups? Do you have ice? Something to put the money in? I had them come in to make a sign.  We talked about sharing the profit with charity.  Did the math to determine cost incurred and what the profit would be.  They made a shopping and to do list.  They drew a sketch of their sign and then I introduced them to the cricut. You know they were amazed and loved the machine...just like I do!
 Wow! This is cool.

                                                                     Is it done cutting?

We are on our our way!
 The other little guy is not pictured-he is under the table playing with the dog-Dugan.

The children designed the sign by themselves.  I only added the bling as the decimal in the prices (gotta have bling-lol) So the kids did not set up their stand yet.  It has been really cool weather the last few days.  They are still trying to get their parents to get the stuff on their shopping uhhh more lemonade (lol).  I was in the store and got a few things to donate to them-cups, napkins. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Come back soon. 

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  1. I love hearing about your sweet company Tina! First, I get hungry, then I get thirsty! lol The sign looks fantastic...they'll do very well on a warm day! Thanks for sharing! :o)


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