Ain't I a Woman

Ain't I a Woman
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Cricut Cut image swap

I really need to use my cricut more so I joined a swap.  We had to make 20 manly, layered cuts.  There were boats, cars, golf clubs etc.   I chose to make a compass.  I was thinking camping, boy scouts, hiking.  Not exclusively male, but it could work (lol)  I had such a difficult time making these.  The first time the cuts didn't go all the way through the paper.  The second time same thing.  So into the recycle bin.  The third time the paper moved.  The sticky mat seemed ok, but the paper kept moving.  So by now I am up to the 6th try.  I was trying not to get frustrated.  I am not happy with the final product, but I mailed them anyway.  I hope I get better with practice.

 It was difficult to punch out the N,S,E, and W

Compass from the My World cricut cartridge


  1. Oh dear! It really does sound like a frustrating process! They certainly do look fabulous though! :o)

  2. Hi, i really like them looks super cute. great job. thats how i feel about my stuff.


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