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I was on a conference call when a group of kids rang my doorbell.  After the call was finished I went to the door.  They asked if they could use my gazebo for the surprise they had for me.  I sort of already knew they were planning something (lol).  I was presented with a concert in the high heat of the day.  I tried to get them to wait until the sun went down, but they were so excited and it had been so difficult to get everyone together.  So Dugan (my dog) and I got some water and sat in the hot blazing sun as they set up the 'stage'.

Rocker girl!

2 Kool Kats

2 cool 4 words

Make the beat with your feet

Dugan is grooving too (lol)

I got skills Miss Tina!
I will make lo with these photos (there are several more), but I had to share.  The children drew pictures, made decorations and wrote three songs.  The first one was called "Friends"  it was a ballad.  The second one was a rap called "Chicken Wing" and the third one was called "Summer Vacation", a rock song if I ever heard one (lol).  I was so pleased with their organization and cooperation.  I can see little drama kings and queens in the making.  I cannot wait to get them in one of my drama classes.  This was a nice concert and I hope they perform it for other folks in the neighborhood. 

Afterwards we all drank water and juice to cool off.  This was a nice break.

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  1. that is so cool the kids would do this for you. what an awesome treat.

  2. How wonderful! You've got some great photos! I look forward to seeing the layout! :o)

  3. Sounds like a fun activity. My kids would love to do this!


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