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These envelope minis are so convenient to have on a road trip.  They are great to use to hold receipts, directions,  business cards, directions, memorabilia etc.   Melissa, Diane (my scrap buddies) and myself usually make one when we go away for a scrap event.  I made this one as a favor to Diane (and a favor to me lol).  She practiced teaching on me and timing her class.  She will be teaching a class on the convention organizer at the Creating Keepsakes Conventions in the surrounding areas.  She just finished teaching at the CKC in Portland.  Melissa and I use our envelope minis more like a keepsake; adding pictures and embellishments after the event.  Diane uses hers in a more functional way; taking notes and writing right on the pages while she is at the event.  There is a space to hold business cards that you collect, a map of the facility and each envelope/page can hold things.  I plan to color and decorate this one a bit more.  I didn't stamp CKC on the front so I can use it at another event I am going to before then.  You can see more details at Diane's website: 

This one is made with 6 6" x 9" envelopes.
TH Clock mask
CTMH Ms Scrapbook stamp set
Recollections Alphabet Stamp set
CTMH Pacifica Ink and cardstock
Charms I  received in a swap
Fibers and ribbon from my stash

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  1. What a wonderful idea! I'll have to use this one! Thanks Tina! :o)


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