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Ain't I a Woman
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I could've been a professional doodler

Remember in school when you would zone out during a boring lecture and doodle all over your notebook?  I did that all the time.  Many of my tablets were sprinkled with pages of my mental wanderings.  I had no idea that I was actually making art.  Today these controlled doodles are cleverly called Zentangles.  I believe the phrase was coined by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  Zentangles are so relaxing to do; hence "Zen".  I carry scraps of paper in my purse so I can doodle when I am waiting at the doctors office or anywhere really.  Then I use the back of the finished work to write a  note to include in RAK packages or as tags on gifts.  Other possibilities for using them are endless: mixed media, altered art, greeting cards, decoupage, art journals etc.  Now if only I had kept those notebooks from

I made this one last year, this was my first one. sharpie marker was way too thick.   Now I use a pigma micron pen.
I did this one while I was on the phone and added a splash of color.

My online buddy, Sherry inspired me to try this art form (thanks Sherry).  She creates wonderful Zentangle inspired projects. I first saw her Zentangle inspired work in another forum but I later found a few examples on her blog too:  and  It would be nice to really be good at this, like some of the projects I have seen;  but for now I just keep having fun doing such a relaxing art form.  Here are a few more:

Thanks Angie from the for inspiring me to revisit this art form and I plan to try using the zig markers.

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  1. Isn't it fun?! I had to do a Zentangle page for my 52 Week Challenge and now I'm hooked! I love it! I'm not very good yet but I'll keep practicing! You've done some great ones that I've not tried! Thanks so much for sharing this!...Nancy :o)


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