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SCRAP bingo challenge

Here is my submission for the SCRAP bingo challenge on the Scrappin Sisters FB page.  The requirements under the letter "p" in scrap are:
  1. complete a card for a friend: the project is a card
  2. use letters on a page: 2 different alpha packs used
  3. create a border : cuttle bug embossing border
  4. double mat a photo: gray and black scrap paper
  5. journal by hand: inside sentiment written by hand (plus private note on other side of card)
You know me, I made one project in an attempt to meet all these criteria:

Ok so why is the a heart over the subjects face?  Well, my friend absolutely hates, despises, abhors Facebook; and I will be posting this on the challenge page which is where?  You guessed it...FACEBOOK! (LOL)  This is a picture of my friend sleeping on my couch.  I thought she should have all the 'the not so flattering' photos I own of her.

Sentiment: What happens at QueenTeen's tonight...goes on Facebook tomorrow

 This is not a scrapbook layout, but I hope it qualifies for the scrap bingo challenge.  At any rate this was fun.
Submitted: Siatah Brotha Blogger's Challenge #13

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.

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  1. Bet she loves you for this Tina. At least you are considerate enough to cover her face and save her some embarrassment.


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