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Yarn Wrapped Wreath

You know how everything you see on the internet you make a plan to craft it someday?  Well, I have been intending to make a yarn wrapped wreath ever since I saw one on pinterest.  How long ago was that you ask?  Well let's not talk about as fate would have friend from church invited me to a ladies craft night.  We made...guess what...wait for guessed it...yarn wrapped wreaths!

Most of the yarn and embellishments were traditional Christmas colors (I mean it IS Christmas time-lol), but then I spotted the PINK yarn.   YAY Pink! I hardly ever finish projects during craft classes or events because I get these ideas and the supplies I want to use are at home (heavy sigh).

Now the "I'll finish it when I get home" ideology can make for a pile of unfinished projects, but I told our hostess that I would finish the project and show her a picture. So I locked myself in my art studio and I made 3 types of felt flowers, free hand cut some leaves and made a "HOPE" banner.

Here is my Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath which I plan to gift to a friend.

Thanks Kushana aka Nya of Kingdom Kitchen N Krafts for giving me the chance to check off my "Pinterest to do" list. lol

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  1. Beautiful I love it!!!! I cant wait to hear about the friend reaction receiving this. Lets make it a date and make a few more soon.


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