Ain't I a Woman

Ain't I a Woman
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Craft studio and office redo

Remember that song...them bones, them bones, them dry the foot bone connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone connected to the leg know the one.  Well I am singing that tune:the craft room is moving to the guest room,  the guest room is moving to the office, the office is moving to the craft room...I am going bonkers!

I started this major rearrangement hoping that I could accommodate more than 8-12 students in my current craft studio.  I started by clearing out my guest room. This room is adjacent to the craft studio.  The thought is to move the major supplies from the studio and thereby be able to fit another table in the studio.  Also the office(currently a separate room) would be merged into the 'new' craft room.

My kitchen had just been renovated when a friend from the local YMCA offered to hang the old kitchen cabinets in my craft room.  Well that offer tuned into a custom built craft desk in my 'new' office/craft space.


So what started as a simple offer turned into a major project.  Thank you Rufus.  You are a real treasure.   Gosh, I hope that wasn't you running the other way when I came to the YMCA yesterday. lol

Now who is going to hang those cabinets? lol


  1. Lucky to have the perfect set up up stairs.miNE was in my basement aND had to down size. To a small guest room


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