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I have done several blog posts about doing more cleaning and organizing than creating.  Recently, I was given an assignment to just make something even though my space was not pristine.  Due to increased physical pain and lack of holding classes in my studio one of the tables had become a catch all for items that need to be put away.

Here is the card I made in the midst of this mess.  It took me about two weeks to complete. (see the mess?)
I did not feel good making this card, I wanted to clean first.  I just kept walking away to do other things.  However, I do believe that cleaning first blocks my creativity and drains my energy.

Here is my actual work table.  I am making 3 mini albums.  It felt good working on these.  I actually worked longer before walking away to do something else.

I seem to thrive in organized spaces better.  Although most times the creative process cannot wait until the organization is done.  I will journey on to find balance, but for now I have decided to stop fighting the part of me that needs to be somewhat organized.  Oh yeah...that table is clean now waiting to become messy again (lol)

I think the butterfly card is less than cute, but I will be entering it in the Scraps of Color Sistah Brotha Blogger Challenge #14 And the mini albums in Challenge #20
Entered in the Word Art Wednesday Challenge #79

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.


  1. Tina, I just love the sweet butterflies. Your creative fun cards are always a blessing and I just thank you SO MUCH for sharing with us. Have a blessed week.
    Word Art Wednesday

  2. Nice. Nice that you were able to create. Love the butterflies and the placement of the strips.

  3. I totally understand about cleaning blocking/draining your energy! By the time I've pulled this out and put that away, I don't feel too much like crafting anymore. But you fought through it! I love your card, and loved seeing your progress with the minis! Thanks for participating and sharing with us in the challenges!


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