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A great little find in my town

I had the opportunity to attend a natural hair meetup in my area.  I went to Cupcakes and Curlfriends.  The event was held in the shop Suds Bar Soap & Essentials.  This was the first time I visited the shop.  Entering into the store was like being carried away on an aroma cloud.  The array of smells was just delicious.  While I am no journalist or photographer I just could not pass up the opportunity to blog about this shop and take a picture of the owners, Kim and her mother Aggie.

Typical of many small towns, the buildings in downtown Dover are bi-level.  Unfortunately, it was not a good day for me to attempt to walk down the steps.  Sadly, many of the vendors and hair demonstrations were on the lower level.  In spite of this situation, I was glad to stay because Kim and Aggie were so sweet and welcoming.   They answered all of my questions about the products in their store.  They really have some interesting items.  Most of the products are natural, organic and chemical free.  Ms Aggie was happy to demonstrate the body scrubs and lotions.  She even brought me some sparkling water while the rest of the attendees just had plain water(lol).  I also was given some soap samples that I can't wait to use.

It was a great idea to have the Cupcakes and Curlfriends event in the Suds Bar Soap & Essentials shop.  What a great mix of sisters adorning all types of natural hair styles, ethnic fashions, fabulous jewelry with aromatic soaps, soy candles and body lotions all against a backdrop of live music.   I am sure Aggie and Kim will host other events at the shop in the future.  I wish them much success!

Kim and Aggie waiting on customers.

Kim. Looking Fab!

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.


  1. Sounds like a super fun outing, Tina! I bet it did smell yummy! :o)

  2. I love to see positive African American business women doing big things!!! Thanks for sharing!!


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