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Jewelry making Pass-it-on party

This party was planned for a few teenage girls.  One day while visiting my old church a friend's daughter asked "Miss Teen Teen do you still do your parties?"  I replied, "... yes, in fact I have a crocheting party planned during spring break. "   Now most of these girls live in another town, so they had not been to a pass-it-on party since I had moved almost 4 years ago.  Instead of crocheting they wanted to make jewelry.  So, I put together a jewelry making pass-it-on party.

The sample project:

The girls made these toggle bracelets.  I totally miscalculated the time it would take these girls to catch on to this craft.  I am so used to working with younger children who take longer to learn a new skill.  Also this was a rather small party.  Luckily I had more supplies.  (and who ever said crafters had too much stuff and were borderline hoarders-lol)

They also made these memory wire bracelets...

...and they made these earrings.

Thank God for His was time for lunch after all that jewelry making. (LOL)

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you come again soon.

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  1. Did you say "borderline"? haha Oh, Tina! I love to hear about your teaching parties! It looks like they did a fabulous job! Yes, the older girls catch on super fast when it comes to the wearable bling! lol Thank you for what you do, my friend!
    Oh...what did you have for lunch? :o)


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